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May Stevens, Soho Women Artists, 1978; Museum Purchase: The Lois Pollard Price Acquisition Fund

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Test your knowledge of women artists. Discover what NMWA artworks appeal to museum staff and local celebs and share your favorite. Visit your local art institutions and see for yourself which women artists are represented in your community.


Name 5

Can you name 5 women artists? Or more? 
(Hint: check out our Collections Highlights page)

Can your friends and family name 5? Are they the same as yours?
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Take Your Pick

D.C. celebrities and NWMA staff share their favorite artwork from our collection (or at least their favorite for right now!)
Take a look

Have a favorite NMWA artwork? Tell us what grabs you!
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Seeing is Believing

The Guerrilla Girls periodically inventory the corridors of major art museums, documenting the continuing predominance of artwork by men.

Take a look for yourself! Go to a local art museum/gallery and count how many artworks by women artists you find. Any surprises? Tell us and your local art institutions what you think!
Share your findings
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