Urgent Museum Notice

Assetbank Instructions

To use Assetbank here, see the purple icon that is below the dropdown of this Wysiwyg editor.

Clicking it will open a modal to Betty. You will need to sign in using the collective Prpl credentials in 1pass. The login is in the modal in the upper right hand corner. *** You will not be able to select an image to use until you have signed in***

Once you have found an image and you are signed in, a button that says “Select for CMS” should appear near the upper right hand of the photo. Click that. In the next window you will be given options at the bottom for various “downloading” options, which will ultimately put whatever you select here in WordPress.

Once you have set all your criteria, hit “Select for CMS” again at the bottom. It will say “sending to CMS” and close the modal, placing an image where your cursor is in this box.