DEC 04 Gallery Talk: “Tupperware Ladies”

Eyes bigger than your stomach? Lunch at NMWA!

Looking for some artistic and intellectual nourishment during your lunch break? Join us on Wednesdays throughout the winter for short gallery talks to explore highlights from special exhibitions and NMWA’s collection with museum staff.

This week, join Chief Curator Kathryn Wat as she presents “Tupperware Ladies,” a gallery talk on ceramic pieces in the collection by Honor Freeman and Beatrice Wood.


Beatrice Wood, often known as the “Mama of Dada,” honors and reclaims a traditional form in her Gold Chalice (1985).

Honor Freeman’s Commission - Tupperware - Transforming a Chaotic Kitchen (2008), on the other hand, delights as it evokes contemporary household objects. Freeman writes, “I seek to make visible the relationship between us and the objects we use, the gestures, mundane activities and humble objects, like small markers silently measuring the hours and marking the days.”

National Museum of Women in the Arts