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NMWA Presents Equilibrium: Fanny Sanín July 14–Oct. 29, 2017

Jun 07 2017

WASHINGTON—The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) presents Equilibrium: Fanny Sanín, on view July 14–October 29, 2017. This spotlight exhibition, featuring five paintings and more than 30 preliminary drawings by Fanny Sanín (b. 1938), invites viewers into the artist’s meticulous, intuitive process, as she creates compositions of geometric forms with precisely defined fields of color. Equilibrium explores Sanín’s methodical process through a selection of some of her earliest Abstract Expressionist-inspired works as well as two complete series of preliminary drawings and their associated, finished geometric compositions.

Sanín’s signature painting style is smooth and meticulous, yet her studies pulsate with visible gesture. She uses drawings, which she describes as the most important part of her process, to experiment with arrangements of form and color until reaching the desired visual equilibrium. She then commits the final composition to a large-scale painting on canvas or paper.

“For more than 40 years, Sanín has methodically pursued symmetry, harmony and equilibrium in her geometric abstractions,” said Associate Curator Virginia Treanor. “In the field of abstract art, women have too often been seen as imitators or followers of their male peers. The significant and dynamic contributions of women, like Fanny Sanín, to abstraction have only recently begun to be fully recognized.”

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