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5 Fast Facts: Hung Liu

Posted: January 14, 2019
Category: Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Impress your friends with five fast facts about artist Hung Liu, whose work "Winter Blossom" (2011) is on view in NMWA’s newly reinstalled collection galleries.
A young woman with dark hair in two braids carries a male toddler on her back. This lithograph print uses reds, black and grays, and tan colors.

Connecting the Threads: Audrey Niffenegger and Rodarte

Posted: January 8, 2019
Category: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Director’s Desk: Women Artists Address Migration

Posted: January 3, 2019
Category: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Connecting the Threads: Petah Coyne and Rodarte

Posted: December 20, 2018
Category: Louise Dahl-Wolfe
A sculpture hangs in a dark gallery. The sculpture comprises layers of melted pink and white wax that form a dress-like shape hanging from satin-wrapped chains. Its color, shape, and bumpy, lacy texture, evoke a frilly tutu, lavishly frosted wedding cake, or coral.

Artist Friendships: Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Mary Jane Russell

Posted: April 26, 2017
Category: Louise Dahl-Wolfe
View of the museum from outside showing the Neoclassical building from one corner. The building is a tan-colored stone with an arched doorway, long vertical windows, and detailed molding around the roof.