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Photo credit: Daniel Schwartz

Culture Watch: NMWA highlights selected exhibitions by women artists around the country and internationally.

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JUN 05 2014–JAN 04 2015

Hester Bateman: Setting the Table for Female Enterprise

Birmingham Museum of Art

The exhibition includes examples of 50 beautiful silver works wrought by Hester Bateman and her descendants over a span of 50 years. The polished tableware that once signaled elegant refinement takes on a new luster when viewed as the product of Bateman’s tenacious pioneering in female enterprise. This exhibition tells the remarkable story of the famed 18th-century silversmith.


FEB 01–SEP 14 2014

Rose Cabat at 100: A Retrospective Exhibition of Ceramics

Tucson Museum of Art

Celebrating the 100th birthday of studio ceramicist Rose Cabat, this exhibition is a survey of her different styles from the 1960s to the present. Cabat is best known for her innovative glazes on small porcelain pots called “feelies” which she developed in the 1960s. Her organic forms often resemble the shape of onions and figs, and her glazes range from organic to jewel tones.


APR 25–SEP 21 2014

Helen Levitt: In the Street

Telfair Museums

For more than 70 years, Helen Levitt (1913–2009), photographed life on the streets of New York City. Roaming through the Lower East Side, Spanish Harlem, and other urban neighborhoods, she created revealing work that observes people of every age, race, and class, without attempting to impose social commentary. Sojourns in New Hampshire, Mexico, and Savannah added variety, but New York remained at the heart of her work.


AUG 01–OCT 19 2014

Janaina Tschäpe: The Ocean Within

Saint Louis Art Museum

Across her wide-ranging practice of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and video, German/Brazilian artist Janaina Tschäpe investigates observed and imagined views of the landscape, filtered through perception and memory. Her 2013 video, The Ocean Within, exemplifies Tschäpe’s great interest in the ocean and her characteristic interpretation of it as mysterious, dreamlike, and fantastical.

New York

APR 04–SEP 28 2014

Chicago in L.A.: Judy Chicago’s Early Work, 1963–74

Brooklyn Museum, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Herstory

This survey includes 60 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, and videos, including documentation of performances. The exhibition delves into this less-familiar but significant early work, produced when Judy Chicago lived in Los Angeles and was a participant in the Finish Fetish school, which responded to the rapid industrialization of the West Coast with its own brightly colored, high-gloss form of minimalism.


JUL 25–SEP 21 2014

American Travels: Landscape Paintings by Greta Van Campen

Kimball Art Center

Spanning two years and 50 states, Greta Van Campen’s series provides a collection of landscapes from across the country. Depicting everyday America in her contemporary style, Van Campen’s modern painting style distills her landscapes into color, shape, and line. Greta paints in her studio in Maine, using photographs and sketches from her trip to complete each painting.


AUG 01 2014–JUL 26 2015

Charlotte Kruk: Consumer Couture—The Politics of Having

Racine Art Museum

With her own special twist on the idea of “eye candy,” Charlotte Kruk uses recognizable consumer packaging—such as gum and candy wrappers, sugar and coffee bags, and food tins—to create garments and sculptures that reflect our material culture. Visually compelling and conceptually provocative, Kruk’s work questions the relationship between dress, power, gender, and consumerism with both humor and serious intent.

International: Australia

JUL 24–OCT 26 2014

Annette Messager: motion/emotion

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Annette Messager is an internationally renowned French artist whose diverse practice encompasses drawing, artists’ books, photography, sculpture, and installation. Featuring works from the early 1970s to the present, this represents the artist’s first retrospective exhibition in Australia and includes her large kinetic installations with mechanical and inflatable elements. Both playful and disturbing, Messager’s works employ everyday materials and objects.