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OCT 31 2015–FEB 08 2016

Frida Kahlo—Her Photos

Heard Museum

The Heard Museum presents a selection of more than 240 images from the Blue House archive. The photographs, along with Frida Kahlo’s personal items, were locked in a room of the Blue House, the residence where she spent most of her life, and revealed to the public in 2007. The images have served as memories to Frida, as work tools, or as a means to exorcise solitude. The exhibition shows the importance of this medium in Frida’s life.


OCT 03 2015–JAN 10 2016

Hammer Projects: Njideka Akunyili Crosby

Hammer Museum

Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s large scale works on paper combine collage, drawing, painting, and printmaking, fusing African and American influences and creative traditions. Reflecting on contemporary, postcolonial African cosmopolitanism and her experiences as an expatriate living in America, her intimate paintings provide an important counter-narrative to the often troubled representation of Africa’s complex political and social conditions.


SEP 19 2015–JAN 31 2016

Nature Morte

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

This solo exhibition explores the practice of contemporary still life photography by Baltimore-based artist Milana Braslavsky. Mined from her grandparents’ belongings, Braslavsky handles all her found subjects with reverence and care. This is particularly obvious in her compositions, including how she chooses to light and center her subjects, as if for their own preservation. Historically, still lifes contain symbolic elements. Braslavsky successfully experiments with the genre by presenting a unique and personal narrative.


SEP 11 2015–JAN 03 2016

Mickalene Thomas at Giverny

Telfair Museums

The dazzling mixed-media works of Mickalene Thomas combine rhinestones with acrylic and oil paints to create compositions that often reference iconic works of art from 19th-century Europe. In her reimagined renderings, the artist replaces the European subjects with powerful and glamorous African American women, inviting questions about conventional beauty, racial identity, and the traditional art historical narrative.


OCT 02 2015–JAN 03 2016

Wendy Kawabata: In the Land

Honolulu Museum of Art

The exhibition features a mixed-media fiber work as well as a series of drawings related to the artist’s experience at a 2011 residency in Iceland. The exhibition presents a visual contradiction, questioning the balance of industry and nature, of manufacturing and making. Kawabata earned her MFA in studio art at the University of New Mexico and her BFA in Art History at the Massachusetts College of Art. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in New Zealand and Australia.


OCT 08 2015–APR 24 2016

Ursula von Rydingsvard: Bronze Bowl with Lace

Art Institute of Chicago

At nearly 20 feet tall, this work by Ursula von Rydingsvard is a towering form that is as commanding as it is delicate. The undulating bronze surface recalls the cedar from which it was cast, while the color of the patina varies subtly, playing off the change of light in the open air. Perhaps most striking is the intricate lace at the top, whose elaborate pattern is illuminated from within by a special lighting system, an effect that is particularly dazzling in so massive a form.


SEP 29 2015–JAN 17 2016

East and Beyond: Helen Frankenthaler and Her Contemporaries

Des Moines Art Center

The exhibition includes four works on paper by Frankenthaler, as well as 23 works on paper and ceramics by American and Japanese artists who were active during the 1950s to 1980s. Transcending and merging their cultures' printmaking traditions, these artists too moved “beyond East” and “beyond West.” Japanese pictorial traditions, including expressive sumi-e brush painting and Zen calligraphy, the use of un-sized supports, and ukiyo-e printing, inspired artists such as Frankenthaler, Willem de Kooning, and Joan Mitchell.


SEP 12 2015–JAN 31 2016

Grethe Wittrock: Nordic Currents

Fuller Craft Museum

TThe first U.S. solo exhibition of Danish fiber artist Grethe Wittrock includes a series of bird-like fiber objects, experimental paper clothing, and wall hangings. There will be 25 pieces included in the exhibition, many of which will be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Wittrock created the works during a residency at The Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen.


OCT 16 2015–JAN 03 2016

Surfacing: Samantha French

Minnesota Marine Art Museum

Born and educated in Minnesota, and a current Brooklyn, New York resident, French has a unique vision resulting in an astounding recent body of work depicting swimmers in pools and lakes. Only superficially similar to the work of artist Rhea Pappas, French’s paintings are poetically inspired by nostalgia for her childhood and familial bonding in Minnesota’s lake country. Those cozy memories are transformed by her current environment in the almost entirely human-built world of New York City.

North Carolina

OCT 02 2015–JAN 03 2016

Sarah Cain: The Imaginary Architecture of Love

CAM Raleigh (Contemporary Art Museum)

Cain will create a monumental painting directly on the walls and floor of the 4,000 square foot museum. As is typical of her practice, Cain will embed objects found in situ and layer paintings made on traditional stretched canvases within the work. Cain is committed to translating lived experience into a language of color and form. Her investment in abstraction is based on her belief in its capacity to express ideas that are beyond language.

North Dakota

OCT 22 2015–FEB 06 2016

Laura Youngbird: Common Thread

Plains Art Museum

This solo exhibition of recent work by artist and educator Laura Youngbird presents two series of portraits featuring friends, family, and important Native artists and scholars such as George Morrison, Gwen Westerman, and Jason Kingbird. She also premieres several new series of prints which are united through narratives based on her life and experiences, and the motif of the dress. Youngbird currently directs a museum program which offers professional development and exhibition and program opportunities to Native artists in the region.


SEP 25 2015–JAN 10 2016

Fatima Al Qadiri: Chinas of the Mind

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Fatima Al Qadiri is a New York-based artist, musician, and composer. Born in Dakar, Senegal, she grew up Kuwait, where her family is from, before moving to the United States after the first Gulf War. Her music mixes multiple influences, moving across time scales, cultures, and countries. Al Qadiri’s music articulates the disconnect between what is experienced and imagined.

South Carolina

OCT 09 2015–JAN 10 2016

Georgia O'Keeffe: Her Carolina Story

Columbia Museum of Art

This exhibition showcases 14 works examining the sources of this major American painter's intimate artistic epiphany experienced in South Carolina. This exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of O'Keeffe's time teaching at Columbia College and the great untold story of her development as modernist. In 1915, Georgia O'Keeffe radically redefined herself as an artist. Rejecting all she had done before, she found her voice with a series of black and white charcoal drawings. What happened next is the stuff of legends.


OCT 09 2015–JAN 10 2016

Shinique Smith: Wonder and Rainbows

Frist Center for the Visual Arts

For the past decade, New York–based artist Shinique Smith has created highly expressive paintings, sculptures, and installations that reflect influences as diverse as dance, Eastern spirituality, fashion, Abstract Expressionism, music, childhood wonder, and poetry. Many of her collaged works contain recycled or reused objects, demonstrating her belief that personal possessions can inspire memories and shape our experience and identity.


JUL 11–NOV 15 2015

An Abundance of Riches: Woodcuts of Andrea Rich

Maryhill Museum of Art

These 40 prints by internationally-recognized printmaker Andrea Rich explore the worlds of both art and nature. Rich draws on print traditions as diverse as Albrecht Dürer and Japanese Ukiyo-e to produce work that is distinctly her own, carving from six to 20 blocks for one final image. The resulting works are strong, clear impressions of life in all its diversity.

International: France

SEP 23 2015–JAN 11 2016

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

Grand Palais

This retrospective of Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun presents an artist whose life stretched from the reign of Louis XV to that of Louis-Philippe (one of the most eventful and turbulent periods in European and above all French history of modern times). Self-portraits by Vigée Le Brun abound: paintings, pastels, and drawings that elegantly associate feminine grace and pride. With the Ancien Régime and its School of Fine Arts coming to an end, she supplanted most of her rival portrait artists.


OCT 30 2015–JAN 10 2016

Why Not Judy Chicago?

Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

This is the most comprehensive exhibition in Europe about Judy Chicago, one of the pioneers of feminist art. The exhibition covers more than 50 years of work organized around the main conceptual, visual, and political issues that the artist has found and continues to find in contemporary art institutions and patriarchal societies.