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Close-up detail of an abstract painting with very thick and gestural brushstrokes of mostly orange paint.

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  • Mar 08 to Oct 08, 2020

    Linda Nochlin (1931–2017), award-winning scholar, art historian and critic, devoted her career to forging a new appreciation for the contributions of women in the arts. Her 1971 essay, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?,” shifted the critical discourse to a place from which feminist artists, thinkers and activists have never looked back. NMWA’s Library and Research Center and the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art will collaborate to showcase a selection of Nochlin’s papers and ephemera that illuminate her remarkable contributions to art and culture.

    A black and white photographic portrait of seated art scholar Linda Nochlin. Dressed in a dark sweater and a print scarf, she gazes with a smile up to her left. An oversized art book is opened on the surface in front of her.
    Mar 08 to Oct 08, 2020

    Linda Nochlin in Paris, 1978; Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center, National Museum of Women in the Arts; Courtesy of Marion Kalter; Photo by Marion Kalter

  • The dynamic works of Mexico City-based Betsabeé Romero form the next chapter in the New York Avenue Sculpture Project. To create her four sculptures developed expressly for this installation, Romero assembled carved and painted tires into totemic structures that speak to themes of human migration and the natural environment.

    Close-up photograph of a sculpture made of a truck tire carved with circular designs and painted gold and silver
    Sep 28, 2018 to Sep 20, 2020

    New York Avenue Sculpture Project: Betsabeé Romero Installation; Photo credit: Mara Kurlandsky, NMWA