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Close-up detail of an abstract painting with very thick and gestural brushstrokes of mostly orange paint.

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  • Nov 20, 2024, to Mar 23, 2025

    Bronx-based photographer Samantha Box (b. 1977, Kingston, Jamaica) navigates social and cultural landscapes through complex images exploring race, gender, class, and sexuality. Black-and-white documentary photographs from her series “Invisible” depict New York City’s LGBTQ youth of color. The series reveals community-defined spaces and chosen family bonds that work to counter her subjects’ experiences with homophobia and transphobia. In vibrant staged images, Box’s ongoing studio practice, “Caribbean Dreams,” shifts inward, as the artist articulates her own diasporic Indo-Afro-Caribbean identity through personal and historical narratives.

    A black-and-white close-up image shows the face and upper body of a dark-skinned woman as she gazes off to the side. She wears a sleeveless white shirt, chain necklace with heart pendant, and large round earrings inscribed with the word “TAURUS.”

    Samantha Box, Kristen, on 34th Street, on her way to work on the stroll, from the series “The Shelter, The Street,” 2008; Archival inkjet print, 16 x 20 in.; Courtesy of the artist; © Samantha Box