Image Reproduction Request for Print Publication

Please agree to the terms and conditions and then fill out the form completely. Requests submitted with missing information may be delayed or returned to the requester.

Fill out one form per image requested. All requests are subject to approval.

Terms of Use for Print Publication

  1. Permission for reproduction is contingent upon receipt of advance payment and a signed copy of these guidelines.  When placing an order, please state fully, in writing, the intended use of the material requested.
  2. NMWA is not responsible for obtaining necessary permission from third-party copyright holders.  The requestor is responsible for securing any and all copyright permissions from the copyright holder unless the work is in the public domain. 
  3. NMWA reserves the right to revoke the permission and license granted herein at any times if NMWA is requested to do so by a third-party rights holder in the Image(s).
  4. Advance payment required.  Each check or money order, made payable to NMWA, will be deposited upon receipt.  Payment shall be made out in U.S. dollars and must be issued through a U.S. bank.  Rental fees are payable whether or not the transparencies are used.  Payment-in-kind shall be calculated according to wholesale pricing.
  5. Reproduction rights are nonexclusive, English language, one publication, one edition.  All reprints, further editions, or reuses of printing plates or color separations in another project require new application and are not covered by the original fee.  The reproduction may not be described or identified as a "limited edition" or otherwise purport to have intrinsic value other than as a reproduction. 
  6. Caption and credit will be provided by the museum and must accompany each reproduction.  This information will include the following:  artist's name, nationality, birth and death dates, title and date of the work, medium, dimensions, and credit "The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of--------" if appropriate.  This information must be included in its entirety and specified order in the publication: in books, on the same or facing page or in an area of the book devoted to such information (checklists, lists of illustrations); in the case of films or video tapes, in the credits; in the case of filmstrips, adjacent to the image or in an accompanying manual; and on the face of posters.  Any proposed changes to any element of this information must be submitted to the Rights and Reproductions Office prior to relevant production deadlines.
  7. Special permission is required if the reproduction is to appear on a dust jacket, calendar or book cover. 
  8. Reproductions may not be bled, tinted or cropped in any way.  If a detail of the photograph is to be used, special permission must be obtained from the Rights and Reproductions Office.  Label copy must then specify that said image is a detail.  Print copy may not be superimposed over an image.  CD-ROM images shall be designed so that digital images are accessible only as screen displays and not as individual files.  Resolution shall not exceed 512 x 768 pixels and 72 dpi definition.
  9. Color proofs of each color reproduction must be sent to the Rights and Reproductions Office for approval.  If color correction is necessary, the Registrar will return the proof with indicated changes.  NMWA reserves the right to ask for and approve second and/or final proofs.  Layouts of black and white images must be submitted to the Rights and Reproductions Office for approval.  Black and white prints may not be reproduced in duotone or halftone.
  10. Final proof and layout approval is not contingent under any circumstances upon publishing schedules.  Purchaser is responsible for allowing sufficient time for incorporation of necessary changes.  Failure to submit proofs and/or submission of proofs while failing to allow sufficient time to incorporate all necessary changes will result in a surcharge amounting to fifty percent of the total purchase.
  11. Applicant will defend, indemnify and hold NMWA harmless from all claims, causes and allegations (whether threatened or pending), costs, fees and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), awards, judgments, damages, losses and liabilities arising from or relating to any breach of this Application by Applicant or the officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, contractors and subcontractors of party against NMWA based entirely or in part on Applicant’s exploitation of the Image(s) licensed hereunder.
  12. One copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears must be sent to the NMWA after project completion.  A tear sheet is not acceptable.
  13. Transparencies and digital images may not be duplicated or transferred to a 3rd party under any circumstances.