Year in Review 2021

Close-up view of ornate gold and crystal chandeliers in the museum's Great Hall. The camera is focused on the chandelier in the foreground and the rest is out of focus.

What’s Inside

  • Achievements from the recent fiscal year in exhibitions, programming, and more
  •  Recent collection growth
  •  Financial statements
  • Thanks to the donors who make our work possible

Related Quote

Art Chats have brought the museum to me. I feel as if I am now a member of a community that comes together to appreciate this unique museum of women in the arts. Thank you.”
A New York-based Charter Member
Young woman with long, thin braids, wearing glasses and an orange face mask, looks at a small hanging sculpture made of thinly cut strips of pale orange paper.
Photo credit: Kevin Allen

FY21 Fun Facts

  • NMWA held nearly 200 events and programs on digital platforms.
  • These events featured 60 guest artists and reached at least 14,424 attendees.
  • On-site exhibitions featured works by 38 artists.
  • The museum announced a top-to-bottom renovation.