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A young boy looks at a ceramic sculpture in a case in a special exhibition at the museum
Photo credit: Yassine El Mansouri

Culture Watch: NMWA highlights selected exhibitions by women artists around the country and internationally.

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MAY 18–JUL 28 2019

Dwellings: Alaskan Photographs by Mary Virginia Hall

Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

These images by Alabama native Mary Virginia Hall explore feelings of isolation and cultural displacement at “the edge of the Earth” as she searches for balance and a sense of belonging in her remote surroundings of Utqiaġvik, renamed "Barrow" in 1825 by British explorers.

AUG 10–OCT 13 2019

Laquita Thomson: Taking Flight

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Artist Laquita Thomson is inspired by the aerial aspects of nature and man’s ever-evolving relationship to the skies. This exhibition features a major, multi-panel monotype that captures the intersection of rural life and the modern mechanics of flight.


MAR 09–SEP 08 2019

Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist

Phoenix Art Museum

This is the first exhibition on Agnes Pelton in over 24 years. She painted desert landscapes to make a living, but it was her abstract studies of earth and light, biomorphic compositions of delicate veils, shimmering stars, and atmospheric horizon lines, that distinguished her work.


APR 5–AUG 18 2019

Catherine Wagner: Paradox Observed

San Jose Museum of Art

Highlighting Catherine Wagner’s monumental Pomegranate Wall (2000) and photographs taken within laboratories, this exhibition considers the parallels between artistic and scientific inquiry and process.

APR 13–AUG 11 2019

Queer California: Untold Stories

Oakland Museum of Contemporary Art

Explore untold narratives of California's LGBTQ+ communities in Queer California: Untold Stories, which highlights the stories of marginalized queer communities. This exhibition focuses on a diversity of queer identities, civil rights, and resistance to oppression.

JUN 16–SEP 22 2019

Sculptures by Gwynn Murrill

Laguna Art Museum

This exhibition features the full scope of Los Angeles-based artist Gwynn Murrill’s practice, from subject, to material, to experiments in scale. Using wood, marble, and bronze, Murrill’s sculptures reduce a naturally detailed visual form to its most basic line and volume.


FEB 02–AUG 18 2019

Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze

Denver Art Museum

The exhibition highlights work from 2014 to 2018, with new paintings that reveal Casteel’s evolving practice and a shift in subject matter ranging from cityscapes and subway scenes to women and local business owners; Casteel reveals individuals and atmospheres that often go unnoticed.

JUN 07–OCT 06 2019

Erika Verzutti

Aspen Art Museum

Erika Verzutti’s unique hybrid objects playfully fuse the real and the fantastical. Grounded in the everyday and deriving from ordinary objects, Verzutti’s ambiguous sculptures take on anthropomorphic qualities through her exploration of materials and embrace of chance and tactility.

District of Columbia

MAR 15–SEP 2 2019

Tiffany Chung: Vietnam, Past Is Prologue

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Through maps, videos, and paintings that highlight the voices and stories of former Vietnamese refugees, internationally acclaimed artist Tiffany Chung probes the legacies of the Vietnam War and its aftermath.


APR 19–SEP 01 2019

Beatriz González: A Retrospective

Perez Art Museum Miami

At 81, González is an internationally celebrated Colombian artist and part of the“radical women” generation from Latin America. In this exhibition, González questions the subordinate relationship between marginal localities and hegemonic centers of artistic and cultural production.


FEB 12–JUL 28 2019

Lee Bul

SCAD Museum

City of the Sun is a select reading of artist Lee Bul's painting and sculpture from the past nine years. Through painting, performance, sculpture, video, installation, and more, the artist engages with themes related to the historic and cultural endeavor for perfection and its subsequent failures.

JUN 28–OCT 13 2019

Suzanne Jackson: Five Decades

Telfair Museum

The retrospective will include Jackson’s visual art practice, her connections to dance, theatre and costume design, poetry, and social activism. Jackson’s dream landscapes and nonobjective paintings defy categorization, instead defining a unique perspective that evolves and sharpens.


MAR 23–AUG 4 2019

Hayv Kahraman: Superfluous Bodies

Honolulu Museum of Art

Kahraman explores themes of identity, memory, gender, and exile across paintings and sculptures that present and re-present the “colonized” female figure. She weaves, tears, patches, and reworks materials to create artworks that nod to a breadth of artistic traditions found in Europe and Asia.


JUN 29–OCT 13 2019

Ann Craven | Birds We Know

Center for Contemporary Art

Ann Craven is known for her lushly colored, mesmerizing portraits of the moon, birds and flowers, which she revisits in serial fashion, as well as her painted bands of color, which document her process. This is her first exhibition in Maine.


MAR 21–AUG 25 2019

Bouchra Khalili: Poets and Witnesses

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Charting the connection between poetry and activism, this exhibition bridges discourses of resistance from the 1960s to the present. Khalili’s Twenty-Two Hours is a testament to her deep research into the Black Panther Party in New England and their unexpected ally, French poet Jean Genet.

New Mexico

JUN 02–NOV 10 2019

Judy Chicago: The Birth Project from New Mexico Collections

The Harwood Museum of Art

Feminist artist Judy Chicago collaborated with over 150 needle workers to create nearly 100 artworks combining painting and needlework that celebrate the birth process – from the painful to the mythical. The series celebrates the birth-giving capacity of women along with their creative spirit.

New York

JUN 26–SEP 22 2019

Marta Minujín

New Museum

The pioneering Argentinian artist Minujín combines elements of experimental theater, film and television, advertising, and sculpture to create total environments that place viewers at the center of social situations and confront them with the seductiveness of media images and celebrity culture.

South Carolina

JUN 14–SEP 08 2019

Mimi Kato: Ordinary Sagas

Columbia Museum of Art

Kato draws on the history and visual traditions of Japanese culture and the absurd everyday elements of contemporary life, and merges them in imaginary landscapes. In her lengthy process, Kato photographs herself as costumed characters and embeds these images into large photomontages.


JUN 02–NOV 10 2019

Roni Horn: When I Breathe, I Draw, Part II

Menil Collection

This exhibition presents a selected survey of the artist’s drawings from the early 1980s to her most recent work on paper. It explores her unique technical approach of mark-marking with dense hues of pure pigment and her dynamic process of cutting and reassembling images and language.


JUN 01–SEP 01 2019

Jane Wong: After Preparing the Altar, the Ghosts Feast Feverishly

Frye Museum Seattle

Wong’s poems and essays unearth silenced histories, immigrant narratives, and intergenerational trauma. Engaging gluttony and hunger across generations, this exhibition conjures food as childhood comfort while throwing into sharp contrast the personal histories of her own family members.

National Museum of Women in the Arts