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A young boy looks at a ceramic sculpture in a case in a special exhibition at the museum
Photo credit: Yassine El Mansouri

Culture Watch: NMWA highlights selected exhibitions by women artists around the country and internationally.

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JUL 19–DEC 28 2019

In Flux

Wiregrass Museum of Art

In the words of artist Jessica Smith: “each sculpture is comprised of many clay gummy bears that are assembled into a tessellating composite. Movement, chance, and rhythm are concerns explored during the fabrication state.”

SEP 28 2019–JAN 12 2020

Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now

Birmingham Museum of Art

Black Out presents historic silhouettes from the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and other institutions alongside works by contemporary artists who are reimagining silhouettes in bold and unforgettable ways.


NOV 01 2019–MAR 15 2020

Aslaug Juliussen: Intersections

Anchorage Museum

Intersection offers audiences an opportunity to experience Juliussen’s sculptural and organic work, with reflections on her life in Northern Norway and experiences with the Arctic landscape.


JUN 1 2019–JAN 25 2020

Change Agent: June Wayne and the Tamarind Workshop

ASU Art Museum, Tempe

Change Agent highlights June Wayne’s legacy as an artist, printmaker, educator and activist. Wayne refused to follow a signature style, taking on a variety of themes such as personal history, modern science and social issues.


JUN 27 2019–FEB 19 2020

Daria Martin: Tonight the World

The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Tonight the World explores the unconscious memories of the artist's grandmother, Susi Stiassni, who fled then Czechoslovakia from Nazi occupation. An immersive and atmospheric environment, it stages a series of intimate encounters with an archive of Stiassni’s dream diaries.

JUL 20 2019–JAN 05 2020

Heather Wilcoxon: Selected Works 1995-2019

Fresno Art Museum

Heather Wilcoxon is the Council of 100’s honoree for 2019 making her the 31st consecutive woman artist bestowed this award. Wilcoxon’s recent paintings include a focus on boats at sea; immense canvases where broken hulls and powerful silhouettes emerge off the canvas almost at our feet.

SEP 21 2019–JAN 05 2020

BINGO: The Life and Art of Bernice Bing

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

San Francisco native, Chinese American artist, and community activist, Bernice Bing was a bridge between many worlds. Her paintings synthesize abstract and modernist painting, and she later infused Chinese calligraphy into her work.


SEP 20 2019–APR 05 2020

Francesca Woodman: Portrait of a Reputation

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

This exhibition presents an early episode in the artistic life of American artist Francesca Woodman (1958-81). Featuring over 40 unique, vintage prints, as well as other ephemera related to the artist, this exhibition details Woodman’s creative coming-of-age primarily during the years 1975-79.


SEP 12 –DEC 15 2019

The Hilton Als Series: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Yale Center for British Art

This exhibition of works by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye highlights recent paintings and prints by the London-based artist, focusing on her portrait-like studies of characters drawn from the world of fiction, found images, and imagination.

NOV 24 2019–MAY 25 2020

Zoë Sheehan Saldaña: There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Zoë Sheehan Saldaña’s work tends to hide in plain sight. Even her most elaborate undertakings masquerade as objects you might toss away thoughtlessly. She will also personally oversee every aspect of the project, down to making paint and applying it to the gallery walls.


OCT 5 2019–APR 12 2020

Angela Fraleigh: Sound the Deep Waters

Delaware Museum of Art

This commission from Angela Fraleigh presents a contemporary look at gender and identity through the lens of historic narrative art. Fraleigh’s opulent paintings are populated by female figures freed from the social constructs of their time.

District of Columbia

JUN 20 2019–MAR 15 2020

I Am… Contemporary Women Artists of Africa

National Museum of African American Art

I Am . . . explores the vital contributions of women to numerous issues including the environment, identity, politics, race, sexuality, social activism, faith, and more. The exhibition offers an inclusive vision of women making art in relation to the compelling issues that defined these artists’ times.

AUG 10 2019–FEB 09 2020

My Iran: Six Women Photographers

Freer Gallery of Art and Sackler Gallery

From the dynamism of the street to the quiet corners of distant memories, the works in this exhibition explore the complexities of life within and outside their home country.  The images offer nuanced views of Iran while shedding light on each photographer’s identity as an artist.


OCT 12 2019–JAN 05 2020

'The Grasshopper and the Ant' and Other Stories as Told by Jennifer Angus

Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg

A neo-Victorian, a creator of unexpected experiences, and a visionary artist who twists the familiar into the unsettling, Jennifer Angus challenges our perceptions and expectations by working in an unusual medium: dried, exotic insects.

OCT 18 2019–FEB 09 2020

Teresita Fernández: Elemental

Perez Art Museum Miami

The exhibition showcases how Fernández reflects and challenges perceptions of the natural world and the U.S. social order, and asks viewers to contemplate their roles with those spaces. Using natural materials and the historic genre of landscape, she reinterprets relationships between nature, history, and identity.


OCT 19 2019–FEB 02 2019

Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings

High Museum of Art

Sally Mann has made experimental and haunting photographs that explore the overarching themes of existence: memory, desire, death, the bonds of family, and nature’s indifference to human endeavor. What unites her broad body of work is that it is all bred of the American South.


AUG 24 2019–JAN 05 2020

Eleanor Antin: Time’s Arrow

Art Institute of Chicago

A pioneer and provocateur since the 1960s, Eleanor Antin slyly destabilizes the authority and objectivity of documents through a variety of media—photography, performance, video, and writing. These pieces offer reflection on aging, transformation, and the conception of the self.

OCT 2 2019–MAR 8 2020

Mika Rottenberg: Easypieces

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Using absurdist satire to address critical issues of our time, Mika Rottenberg offers subversive allegories for contemporary life. The exhibition traces central themes in the artist’s oeuvre, such as labor, technology, and the interconnectedness of the mechanical and the bodily.


AUG 03 2019–JAN 05 2020

Light & Shadow: Alyson Shotz and Kumi Yamashita

Wichita Art Museum

Light and Shadow: Alyson Shotz and Kumi Yamashita, features the work of two sculptors who create work of ethereal beauty.


JUN 21 2019–JAN 05 2020

Ebony G Patterson: …while the dew is still on the roses…

Speed Art Museum

Known for her drawings, tapestries, videos, sculptures and installations that involve surfaces layered with flowers, glitter, lace and beads, Patterson’s works investigate forms of embellishment as they relate to youth culture within disenfranchised communities.


SEP 1 2019–MAR 30 2020

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend

New Orleans Museum of Art

In the small, remote, historically black community of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, four generations of African American women produced patchwork quilts that elevated these practical forms into masterful works of intentional art.


OCT 25 2019MAR 28 2020

Vanessa Garman: Miracles of Glory Abound

Bates College Museum of Art

This exhibition explores the power of stories through the assembled sculptures of Vanessa German, using her own power-figures to imitate Leutze’s composition, she creates a conversation about public memory and the rewriting of history through the lens of privilege.


JUN 22 2019JAN 19 2020

Kimsooja: Archive of Mind

Peabody Essex Museum

Kimsooja’s work transforms simple, everyday actions into moments of meditation and transcendence. Archive of Mind is a participatory installation that, with visitor collaboration, builds over the course of the exhibition.

SEP 13 2019–MAY 3 2021

Women Take the Floor

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

This exhibition challenges the dominant history of American art by focusing on the overlooked and underrepresented work and stories of women artists. This reinstallation advocates for diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in museums, the art world, and beyond.

SEP 24 2019–FEB 7 2021

Yayoi Kusama: Love is Calling

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Representing the culmination of her artistic achievements, the show exemplifies the breadth of her visual vocabulary—from her signature polka dots and soft sculptures to brilliant colors, the spoken word, and most importantly, endless reflections and the illusion of space.


SEP 29 2019–FEB 17 2020

Nguyen Trinh Thi: Fifth Cinema

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Drawing on personal accounts, popular movies, found footage, and more, Nguyen Trinh Thi explores her homeland, Vietnam. Through this hybrid essay-film, she investigates myriad viewpoints to discover how film can reclaim Indigenous history and land.


SEP 06 2019–FEB 16 2020

Zarina: Atlas of Her World

Pulitzer Arts Foundation

Zarina has created an extensive body of work influenced by her early study of mathematics and interest in the history of art and architecture. The exhibition will be the first to present her work alongside other artworks and objects that have inspired the artist throughout her career.

New Mexico

APR 06–MAR 2020

Marjorie Eaton: A Life in Pictures

Taos Art Museum

This is the first exhibition to focus on Marjorie Eaton’s vast portfolio of work—as a modernist painter, and as a photographer and actress. The show will also provide an unprecedented glimpse into Eaton’s personal life through never before seen letters, photographs and personal effects.

OCT 05 2019–JAN 05 2020

Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist

New Mexico Museum of Art

This exhibition is the first survey of the obscure American modernist painter in more than 23 years. Although she painted conventional landscapes and portraits, Pelton is most celebrated for her abstract compositions that reflect her interest in esoteric subjects.

New York

SEP 12 2019–FEB 23 2020

The World of Anna Sui

Museum of Arts and Design

Sui is driven by telling stories head-to-toe about the worlds of cowgirls, grunge girls, hula girls, Mods, pirate rock stars, Pre-Raphaelite maidens, and surfer nomads. The exhibition gives insights into her process, allowing the viewer to step inside her imagination and watch it unfold.

OCT 6 2019–FEB 16 2020

Pia Camil: Fade into Black

Queens Museum

Pia Camil’s work uses textile, sculpture, and performance to create environments which confront the politics of global consumerism through the language of theater and retail.

North Carolina

SEP 20–DEC 15 2019

Twelve Places: Redux

Guilford College Art Gallery

The exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the historic feminist exhibition Twelve Places, and celebrates ongoing and evolving explorations of feminine consciousness and cultural identities, and reminds viewers that feminist issues then and now are not that dissimilar.

OCT 18 2019–MAR 14 2020

The Blue Jackal Under the Tree

Greenville Museum of Art

The Blue Jackal series will serve as not only a timely record of place, but as a vehicle for the exploration of rich conceptual themes connected to India’s diverse peoples and ancient traditions, especially in relation to the land, the water, and the body.


OCT 11 2019–APR 12 2020

Women Breaking Boundaries

Cincinnati Art Museum

A special exhibition that explores the role of women in art and art history at the Cincinnati Art Museum through artworks from the museum’s permanent collection created by female artists from the seventeenth century to today.

NOV 22 2019–MAR 01 2020

Lauren Henkin

Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati

The work of Lauren Henkin, which spans photography, video and sculpture, questions the relations that may exist between extant, architectural forms and the natural or urban landscapes in which they sit. The site-specific sculptural installation imagined by Henkin for the Contemporary Arts Center, Props, gives life to Zaha Hadid’s concrete blocks and angular designs.


AUG 24 2019–FEB 23 2020

APEX: Laura Fritz

Portland Art Museum

Fritz’s own research forms a strange and intriguing marriage in her work, opening up questions of what defines the natural and made worlds—where do science and superstition meet, and how do we negotiate our constructed realities to that of the unknown?


SEP 20 2019–JAN 26 2020

Margaret Honda: Forum 82

Carnegie Museum of Art

For this exhibition, Honda has created a singular, enigmatic sculpture. Painstakingly rendered in lifelike detail including internal organs, and measuring nearly five feet long, the work is modeled after a frog-like form Honda observed in a Renaissance painting in Milan.

Rhode Island

AUG 31 2019–NOV 3 2019

Fertile Ground: Maria Berrio, Zoë Charlton, Joiri Minaya

David Winton Bell Gallery

Maria Berrio, Zoë Charlton and Joiri Minaya create multimedia collages that depict bodies enveloped by nature, while each artist has a different reason for choosing imagery, all engage with issues of race, class, power, ownership, and freedom.

South Carolina

OCT 11 2019FEB 2 2020

Tabitha Vevers: Lover’s Eyes

The Gibbes Museums of Art

Inspired by traditional eye miniatures, a genre of portrait jewelry that became the height of fashion in the Georgian era, Vevers embraces historic painting techniques to create contemporary, jewel-like eye portraits in oil on Ivorine.


SEP 27 2019–JAN 12 2020

Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists

Frist Art Museum

Women have long been the creative force behind Native American art, but this is the first major exhibition devoted solely to their work. This groundbreaking project features over 115 objects made by artists working in the United States and Canada from ancient times to present day.


JUL 27DEC 29 2019

The Contemporary Project: Lily Cox-Richard

Blanton Museum of Art

By removing common materials from familiar settings and giving them new forms, Cox-Richard makes visible unseen systems that dictate materials’ production, value, and use, and engages larger questions of natural resources, labor, the specifics of place, and the politics of viewership.

OCT 18 2019–FEB 09 2020

Robyn O’Neil: We, The Masses

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

O’Neil has created intricate, imagined worlds exploring themes of evolution, natural catastrophe, the apocalypse, and the beauty of nature.


JUL 10–NOV 03 2019

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness

Seattle Art Museum

Somnyama Ngonyama, Zulu for Hail the Dark Lioness, is a photographic series by the South African visual activist Zanele Muholi. In the artist’s words, the series invites the viewer on “a discomforting self-defining journey, rethinking the culture of self-representation and self-expression.”

SEP 21 2019–JAN  5 2020

Dress Codes: Ellen Lesperance and Diana Simpson

Frye Art Museum

Dress Codes brings together the work of two artists who perform acts of translation in relation to clothing’s form and ornamentation, pressing images of historical garments—and the values encoded within them—through the interpretive interface of the grid.

OCT 04 2019–FEB 02 2020

Maria Phillips: Hidden in Plain Sight

Bellevue Arts Museum

The exhibition marks a new direction for Phillips’ practice. In contrast to her typical work in metal, Hidden in Plain Sight presents work made from recycled materials, inspired by a five-month residency at Recology’s material recovery facility in Seattle.

National Museum of Women in the Arts