Live Dangerously

View of the museum from outside showing the Neoclassical building from one corner. The building is a tan-colored stone with an arched doorway, long vertical windows, and detailed molding around the roof.

Xaviera Simmons: “How might our entire history have been different…?”

Posted: January 8, 2020
Category: Live Dangerously
In her writings on racial and social justice, Xaviera Simmons has expressed a desire to understand what it takes to shift political systems. Her art works to shift our notions...

Landscape of Change: Janaina Tschäpe’s “100 Little Deaths”

Posted: October 15, 2019
Category: Live Dangerously
Janaina Tschäpe began her "100 Little Deaths" series in 1996 as an exploration of landscape, transmutation, and death. Each self-portrait depicts the artist sprawled face down in different environments around...

Opening This Week: Live Dangerously

Posted: September 18, 2019
Category: Live Dangerously
Live Dangerously reveals the bold and dynamic ways in which female bodies inhabit and activate the natural world. Twelve groundbreaking photographers use humor, drama, ambiguity, and innovative storytelling to illuminate...