APR 05: In-gallery Demonstrations

Observe talented members of a local quilt guild for in-gallery demonstrations.

Do you have questions about quilts that have been needling you? Discover and learn more about the quilt techniques, materials, and processes on view in “Workt by Hand”: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts through in-gallery demonstrations by members of the McLean Chapter of Quilters Unlimited. Participating members include:

  • Amy Berger
  • Barbara Wynne
  • Gayle Ropp
  • Maureen Gray
  • Vikkey Anderson


Over time, quilts have been revered as nostalgic emblems of the past, dismissed as women’s work, and hailed as examples of American ingenuity. This exhibition breaks new ground by examining quilts through the lens of contemporary feminist theory. Revealing this medium’s shifting cultural status, the exhibition explores issues of anonymity versus authorship and fine art versus craft. The display showcases 35 18th–20th-century quilts from the Brooklyn Museum’s renowned decorative arts collection.

National Museum of Women in the Arts