Environmental Film Festival: Unfinished Spaces

“Cuba will count as having the most beautiful academy of arts in the world.”
—Fidel Castro, 1961

Unfinished Spaces traces the complex history of Cuba’s ambitious National Art Schools project from its beginning just after Castro’s revolution, through years of neglect, and ultimate rediscovery as an architectural masterpiece.

The film introduces the three visionary architects who created the art schools and follows their return to Cuba after a 40-year exile to finish their unrealized dream at Castro’s behest.

Directed by Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Murray (2011, 86 min.).


Recommended. $5 general; $4 members, seniors, and students.


“A fascinating tale of visionary aesthetics and... sublime structures”—The Wall Street Journal

“Go see this film and get inspired”—The Huffington Post


Unfinished Spaces

Presented in conjunction with the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.