Live Video Essay: The Carousel


Join us for an unforgettable video lecture performance by Soda_Jerk.

Soda_Jerk performs a 2-channel live video essay The Carousel (2011), which explores the intersections of death and cinema. Using live narration to navigate an eclectic matrix of film samples, this Australian duo produces a multi-channel video essay that conjoins media theory, mysticism, deconstruction, kung-fu film, vintage sci-fi, and techno horror.

The Carousel is informed by research into cultural theories of hauntology, with its themes running parallel to After the Rainbow (2009), which will be open for viewing before and after this program, from 6–7 and 8:15–9 p.m.

Please note film samples included in The Carousel are rated from PG-13 to R.


In collaboration with the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ (DCCAH) public art project 5 x 5, NWMA presents Soda_Jerk: After the Rainbow by the a two-person art collective from Australia. The video installation interweaves the fantasy world of cinema with the complex reality of Judy Garland’s life.


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