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Virtual Educator Summer Camp

Two artists books with intricate folds and colorful panels sit side-by-side.
NMWA’s free, virtual Educator Summer Camp welcomes anyone who identifies as an educator. Sessions, inspired by the ABC Institutes and NMWA’s collection, are hands-on, participatory, and fun!

Independent, 90-minute sessions on a variety of topics are offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Monday, July 12, through Friday, July 30. Camp topics include:

  • Step-by-step bookmaking
  • Easy art making at home
  • Conversations about art
  • Introductions to women artists

2021 guest instructors include book artists Carol Barton, Julie Chen, Jamila Zahra Felton, and Priya Pereira, and the editors of Wicked Arts Assignments (2020).

Register for one session or many depending on your interest and commitments.

Registrants receive a recommended supply list, applicable digital resources, and Zoom meeting link in advance of each session. Camp activities are largely designed to make use of materials and tools you might have at home, to encourage repurposing and seeing everyday objects in a new light.

Session participants can request a professional development certificate of completion reflecting total earned participation hours.

Questions? Reach out to education@nmwa.org.

2021 Summer Camp Sessions

Monday, July 12: Fierce Women

NMWA’s collection is brimming with art by and about fierce women! During this session, discover women who refused to let men define their place, thumbed their noses at the limited roles society accorded them, and blazed trails as artists, activists, and innovators from the 16th century to today.

Wednesday, July 14: Wicked Arts Assignments

Inspired by the 2020 book Wicked Arts Assignments, this session provides participants with insight into why an art assignment should be considered a work of art and learn to design inspiring and contemporary arts assignments.

Friday, July 16: Alphabet Books

Discover how a little street toy inspired an artist’s book! India-based Priya Pereira shares her alphabet book format, as well as the moments of her husband’s childhood and memories of her beloved city of Bombay that fill its pages.

Monday, July 19: Natural Bundle Dyeing

Create vibrant hues using kitchen scraps and floral waste. Together we’ll bundle dye fabric and thread using easily collected household supplies resulting in atmospheric prints!

Wednesday, July 21: Long-Stitch Bookbinding

Get inspired by line, color, texture, and pattern! Use a long-stitch binding technique to sew watercolor paper into a beautiful, multi-signature ideas book.

Friday, July 23: Flag Books

Create a one-of-a-kind sculptural flag book that is deceptively simple but has infinite possibilities.

Monday, July 26: Pop-Up Architecture

Explore how to use pop-up structures to suggest houses, local points of interest, historical buildings, and internationally recognized architectural treasures.

Wednesday, July 28: Tunnel Books

Learn to make a tunnel book structure, a three-dimensional sculptural book consisting of page layers that are attached to accordion-folded spines.

Friday, July 30: #5WomenArtists Trivia

Join us for a game of trivia to test your knowledge of women visual artists and the artwork they create!