Artist Files

Artist Files
LRC Artist Files

The Artist Files within the Archives on Women Artists contains research material on women artists of all periods and nationalities.

These files include artists’ resumes, correspondence, exhibition catalogues and announcements, reproductions of artwork (slides and photographs), and newspaper and magazine articles and reviews.

Due to space restrictions, only artists exhibited at NMWA are currently being added to the Artist Files. The LRC is focused on building deep research resources for staff and visiting scholars connected with our permanent collection and exhibitions.

For artists who are already in our archives, please see the library’s donation guidelines.

While we recognize that wonderful women artists all over the world could be added to our artist files, we are exploring solutions that do not cause us to outgrow our physical space or staffing power. 

The artist files began as a place to house research material collected by curators and to serve as an artist registry for women artists all over the world. Originally, an artist needed to have had at least one solo exhibition in a museum or gallery to be accepted into the artist files. Twenty-five years later, the stature of women artists has grown significantly along with the artist files, which now contain over 18,000 files on women artists.

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