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Close-up detail of a larger artwork shows an off-white ceramic surface that is covered by panels of crocheted yarn in emerald and citron green.
Browse the museum’s special exhibition catalogues and books that highlight the legacies of acclaimed women artists, past and present.

Featured Publications

Collection Highlights

The museum’s new collection highlights catalogue (2023) explores the breadth of NMWA’s holdings, drawing connections among more than 180 works and sharing new essays by more than forty artists and scholars.

A book cover features five vertical rows that contain detail imagery from different works of art, including a floral still life painting, a bronze sculpture, a black-and-white photograph, a landscape painting, and a painted portrait.

The Sky’s the Limit

NMWA’s inaugural reopening exhibition features large-scale contemporary sculpture and immersive installations. Giving primacy to artists’ voices, the publication shares artists’ essays and poetry on the inspirations behind their work.

A book cover features the image of a sculpture on a white base. It is assembled from many materials: blue parasols, black wooden horns, a black wooden rhino figurine, green nylon, beaded flowers, a red doll’s head, clear glass chandelier drops, and more. Just above it, white text reads “The Sky’s the Limit” in all caps.

Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020

This fully illustrated catalogue features personal statements by the exhibition’s twenty-two featured artists, who turn paper into innovative, complex works of art.

Book cover features bright red stacks of crinkled paper radiating from the left side. The books title 'Paper Routes Women to Watch 2020' is in white text.

Judy Chicago: New Views

The first major monograph on Chicago in twenty years, New Views provides fresh perspectives and features key bodies of work from her career.

Cover Judy Chicago New Views Catalogue

Marguerite Gérard: 1761–1837

Sponsored by NMWA’s Suzanne & James Mellor Prize, this book by scholar Carole Blumenfeld brings to light the work of French painter Marguerite Gérard.

Book cover features a painting of an indoor scene of two women with light skin sitting in an indoor setting. The book's title "Marguerite Gerard" is in white lettering at the top of the book.of Marguerite Gérard: 1761–1837 Catalogue

Heavy Metal—Women to Watch 2018

The Heavy Metal exhibition catalogue showcases contemporary artists working in metal through full-color imagery and artist statements.

Book cover features a slivers of silver form to form a textured pattern with the words: "Heavy Metal: Women to Watch 2018"