Urgent Museum Notice

With Thanks

A still life painting featuring an asymmetrical arrangement of flowers; the central section features pink, orange, yellow, and blue flowers and is dramatically highlighted compared to the background and outer edge of arrangement.
NMWA is deeply grateful to supporters of the Legacy of Women in the Arts Endowment Campaign, individual donors and organizations, and members of the Legacy Society.


The museum is deeply grateful to supporters of the Legacy of Women in the Arts Endowment Campaign, whose generosity guarantees that the museum will endure and inspire for generations to come. Although we can only list donations of $10,000 and above, we are grateful to all donors to the endowment.

Endowment Foundation Trustee ($1 million+)

Betty B. and Rexford* Dettre
Estate of Grace A. George
Wilhelmina C. and Wallace F.* Holladay Sr.
Carol and Climis Lascaris

Estate of Evelyn B. Metzger*
The Honorable Mary V. Mochary
Rose Benté Lee Ostapenko*
The Madeleine Rast Charitable Remainder Trust*
The Walton Family Foundation

Endowment Foundation Governor ($500,000–$999,999)

Noreen M. Ackerman
P. Frederick Albee and Barbara E. Albee*
Catherine L. and Arthur A. Bert, M.D.
J.W. Kaempfer, Jr.
Nelleke Langhout-Nix
Joe R. and Teresa L. Long

James R. and Suzanne S. Mellor
National Endowment for the Humanities
Drs. A. Jess and Ben Shenson*
MaryRoss Taylor
Alice W. and Gordon T. West, Jr.

Endowment Foundation Fellow ($200,000–$499,999)

Catharina B. and Livingston L. Biddle, Jr.*
Marcia and Frank* Carlucci Charitable Foundation
Costa del Sol Cruise
Kenneth P. Dutter
Estate of E. Louise Gaudet
Lorraine G. Grace*
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Estate of Eleanor Heller*

Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston*/The Shenson Foundation, in memory of Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson
Dorothy S. Lyddon*/Seven Springs Foundation
Marlene McArthur and Frederic V.* Malek
Victoria J. Mastrobuono*
Sea Goddess I and II Trips
Alejandra and Enrique Segura
Sheila and Richard Shaffer
Clarice Smith

Endowment Foundation Counselor ($100,000–$199,999)

Gina and Eugene Adams
Janice L. and Harold L. Adams
Nunda and Prakash Ambegaonkar
Carol C. Ballard
Baltic Cruise
Eleanor and Nicholas D. Chabraja
Clark Charitable Foundation
Hilda and William B. Clayman
Julia B. and Michael M. Connors
Martha Lyn Dippell and Daniel Lynn Korengold
Gerry E. and S. Paul* Ehrlich, Jr.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
FedEx Corporation
The Geiger Family Foundation
Barbara A. Gurwitz and William D. Hall
Caroline Rose Hunt*/The Sands Foundation
Cindy and Evan Jones
Alice D. Kaplan
Dorothy* and Raymond LeBlanc

Lucia Woods Lindley
Gladys K. and James W.* Lisanby
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Adrienne B. and John F. Mars
Juliana and Richard E.* May
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Irene Natividad
The Miller and Jeanette Nichols Foundation/Jeannette T. Nichols
Nancy O’Malley*
Lady Pearman
Reinsch Pierce Family Foundation/Lola C. Reinsch and J. Almont Pierce
Julia Sevilla Somoza
Marsha Brody Shiff
June Speight*
Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn
Mahinder K. and Sharad Tak
Sami and Annie Totah Family Foundation
Elzbieta Chlopecka Vande Sande

Endowment Circle ($50,000–$99,999)

Linda Able Choice*
George* and Ursula Andreas
Arkansas Fifty
Lulu H. Auger*
Virginia Mitchell Bailey*
Sondra D. and Howard M. Bender*/The Bender Foundation, Inc.
Patti Cadby Birch*
Laura Lee and Jack S. Blanton Sr.*/Scurlock Foundation
Anne R. Bord*
Caroline Boutté
BP Foundation, Inc.
M. A. Ruda* and Peter J. P. Brickfield
Margaret C. Boyce Brown
Martha Buchanan
Charlotte Clay Buxton
Sandra and Miles Childers
Mary and Armeane Choksi
Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia
Margaret and David Cole/
The Cole Family Foundation
Holland H. Coors*
Porter and Lisa Dawson
Courtenay Eversole
Suzy Finesilver*/The Hertzel and Suzy Finesilver Charitable Foundation
Karen Dixon Fuller
Alan Glen Family Trust
Peter and Wendy Gowdey
Laura L. Guarisco

Jolynda H. and David M. Halinski
Janie Hathoot
Hap and Winton Holladay
I. Michael and Beth Kasser
William R. and Christine M. Leahy
Louise C. Mino Trust
Zoe H. and James H. Moshovitis
Joan and Lucio A. Noto
Marjorie H. and Philip Odeen
Nancy Bradford Ordway
Katherine D. Ortega
Margaret H. and Jim Perkins
Ramsay D. Potts* in honor of Veronica R. Potts
Elizabeth Pruet*
Edward Rawson
Jane S. Schwartz Trust
Jack and Dana* Snyder
Judith Zee Steinberg and Paul J. Hoenmans
Susan Fisher Sterling and Scott Sterling
Nancy N. and Roger Stevenson, Jr.
Jo and Thomas Stribling
Susan and Jim Swartz
Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship—Texas State Committee of NMWA
Frances and William* Usher
Stuart and Chancy West
Betty Bentsen Winn and Susan Winn Lowry
Yeni Wong

Endowment Patron ($25,000–$49,999)

Micheline and Sean Connery
Sheila ffolliott
Georgia State Committee of NMWA
New York Trip
Mississippi State Committee of NMWA
Northern Trust
Estate of Mary Marvin
Breckinridge Patterson
Chris Petteys*

Lisa and Robert Pumphrey*
Elizabeth A. Sackler
Estate of Madoline W. Shreve*
Patti Amanda and Bruce Spivey
Sahil Tak/ST Paper, LLC
In honor of Alice West
Jean and Donald M. Wolf
The Women’s Committee of NMWA

Endowment Sponsor ($15,000–$24,999)

Deborah G. Carstens
Stephanie Fein
Martha and Homer Gudelsky*
Sally L. Jones
Louise H. Matthews Fund

Lily Y. Tanaka
Liz and Jim Underhill
Elizabeth Welles
Dian Woodner

Endowment Friend ($10,000–$14,999)

Carol A. Anderson
Julia and George L. Argyros
Mrs. Joseph T. Beardwood, III
Catherine Bennett and Fred Frailey
Susan G. Berk
Mary Kay Blake
Booz Allen Hamilton
Lynne V. and Richard Cheney
Esther Coopersmith
Darby Foundation
Juliet De Laricheliere*
Jack J. Dreyfus, Jr.*
Patricia M. and Clifford J. Ehrlich
Mary Page and Thomas B. Evans
Lois Lehrman Grass
Anna Stapleton Henson
Alexine C. and Aaron G.* Jackson
Jan Jessup

Pamela Johnson and Wesley King
Helga and Peter-Hans Keilbach
Howard and Michelle Kessler
Ellen U. and Alfred A. King*
Jacqueline Badger Mars
C. Raymond Marvin
Clyde and Pat Dean McCall
Edwina H. and Charles P. Milner
Evelyn V. and Robert M.* Moore
Harriet Newbill
Estate of Edythe Bates Old
PepsiCo., Inc.
Anne and Chris Reyes
Savannah Trip
Mary Anne B. Stewart
Paula Wallace/Savannah College of Art and Design
Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski
Jean S. and Gordon T. Wells

Individuals and Organizations

We also thank individual donors and organizations who made contributions from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. Your support enables the museum to develop groundbreaking exhibitions, expand its education, library, and outreach programs, and offer other special events to the public. Although we can only list donations of $500 and above, the museum is thankful for all of its members and friends.

$500,000–$1 million

Jacqueline Badger Mars

Mildred Weissman


D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs Program
RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank, an RBC Company

Denise Littlefield Sobel
MaryRoss Taylor
Susan Wisherd*


Alice L. Walton Foundation
Marcia and Frank* Carlucci Charitable Foundation
Betty Boyd and Rexford* Dettre
Martha Dippell and Daniel Korengold

Sue J. Henry and Carter G. Phillips
Davis/Dauray Family Fund
Clara M. Lovett
Susan and Jim Swartz


Bloomberg Philanthropies
Nancy and Marc Duber
FedEx/Gina Adams
Elva Ferrari-Graham
Cindy and Evan Jones
Marlene A. and Frederic V.* Malek

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Laurie Nakamoto*
The Revada Foundation of the Logan Family
Dana* and Jack Snyder
Christine Suppes
Patricia and George White


Sunny Scully Alsup and William Alsup
Bank of America
Boies Schiller Flexner LLP
Lucy Buchanan Garrett
Deborah G. Carstens
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Marcella and Neil Cohen
Linda L. and John Comstock
Ashley Davis
Belinda de Gaudemar
Jamie S. Gorelick and Richard E. Waldhorn
Winton and Hap Holladay
Leo Rosner Foundation, Inc.

Gladys K. and James W.* Lisanby
Kristen and George Lund
Dee Ann McIntyre
The Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
The Honorable Mary V. Mochary
Northern Trust
Sara and Peter O’Keefe
Tara Rudman
Stephanie Sale
Sheila and Richard Shaffer
Patti Amanda and Bruce Spivey
Versace USA, Inc.


Anne J. Ambler in memory of Effie King Ambler
Gail D. Bassin
Bernstein Family Foundation
Charlotte and Michael Buxton
Carl M. Freeman Foundation
Rose and Paul Carter
Diane Casey-Landry and Brock Landry
Columbia University
Alexis Deutsch-Adler
Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez
Lisa Claudy Fleischman
Galerie Lelong
Susan Goldberg and Geoffrey Etnire
Dorothy G. F. Gramenstetter*
LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust
Bonnie Loeb
Lucas Kaempfer Foundation, Inc
Marcia MacArthur
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter

Kristine Morris
Kay W. Olson
The Honorable Katherine D. Ortega
Pernod Ricard USA
Jacqueline L. Quillen
Elizabeth Robinson
Geri Skirkanich
Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn
Susan Fisher Sterling and Scott Sterling
Lucretia D. and William H. Tanner
John Tavss
Deborah Dunklin Tipton
Viacom, Inc.
Marichu Valencia
Betsy Vobach
Paula Wallace/Savannah College of Art and Design
Alice W. and Gordon T.* West, Jr.


Janice L. and Harold L. Adams
Susan and Robert Beckman
Grace Bender
Katherine and David Bradley
Nancy Taylor Bubes and Alan Bubes
Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas
The Chile Committee of NMWA
Mai and John Cleary
Lauren Talarico Cohen and Marc Cohen
Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia
Elaine and Kenneth W. Cole
Commonwealth Packaging**
Lizette Corro
Elizabeth Cullen
Paula Ballo Dailey* and Brian Dailey
Diageo North America
Christian Dior Couture
The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
Judith Marks Ford
The Francis & Kathleen Rooney Foundation
Cornelia C. Friedman*
Carol and Henry Goldberg
Anjali Gupta
Carol and Rodney Hamilton
Ruth Juanita Harrell*
The Jane Henson Foundation
Sally and Christopher H. Jones
Alice D. Kaplan
Sandy Liotta
Nancy Livingston* and Fred M. Levin
Dr. Kathleen A. Maloy and Ms. Heather L. Burns
Adrienne B. Mars
Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc.
Mary Potishman Lard Trust
Juliana and Richard E.* May
Daniel McCarthy

Honey McGrath
Cynthia McKee
Melvin & Estelle Gelman Foundation
The Mill Foundation, LTD
Dorothy S. Miller*
Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation
Irene Natividad
Nancy Ann Neal
Jeannette T. Nichols
Marjorie and Philip Odeen
Peco Foundation
Amanda and Curtis Polk
Barbara Richter
Hilary Ross
Sachiko Kuno Foundation
Elizabeth A. Sackler
Saks Fifth Avenue**
Mary Beth Shimmon
Kathy Sierra
Kimberly Stanley
Sara Steinfeld
Jessica S. Sterchi
Nancy N. and Roger Stevenson, Jr.
Joanne C. Stringer
Joanna Sturm in memory of Lee Weiss
Debra Therit
Annie S. Totah
Sarah Bucknell Treco
The United Kingdom Committee of NMWA
Frances Luessenhop Usher
Jayne Visser
Kim and Dirk Visser
Amy Weiss and Peter J. Kadzik
Wells Fargo
Claudia Zucker


A G Foundation
Acción Cultural Española
Noreen M. Ackerman
Mark and Kathe Albrecht
Ambassador Yousef and
Abeer Al Otaiba
Arent Fox LLP/Richard Gale
Roswitha Augusta and
Donald Dittberner
Amy and Bret Baier
Rita Balian
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Beaty, Jr.
Arlene Begelman
Sue Ann and Ken Berlin
Catherine Bert and Arthur Bert, M.D.
Susan Borkin
Margaret C. Boyce Brown
Katherine and Richard Bruch
Beth B. Buehlmann
Melissa and Jason Burnett
Jane and Calvin Cafritz
Dr. Mary A. Carnell and Dr. Agnes Guyon
Kristin and John Cecchi
Renee Chodur
Mary and James Clark
Marian Cohen
Robyn and William Collins
Elizabeth Crane
Byron Croker
Lynn Finesilver Crystal
Elissa and Thomas Davidson
Kitty de Isola and Max Cambana
Sara Jo Victors Dew
Kenneth P. Dutter
Geraldine E. Ehrlich
The Embassy of Hungary**
The Embassy of Switzerland**
The Embassy of the United Kingdom**
Hanna G. Evans
Amra and Damir Fazlic
Kenneth R. Feinberg
Angelina Fiordellisi
Don Fitch
Anita Forsyth
Lucrecia Forsyth
Barbara L. Francis and Robert Musser
Anita Friedt
Jenny and Chappall Gage
Edna Galo
Elizabeth and Michael Galvin
Lee Anne and William Geiger
Barbara S. Goldfarb
Sally Gries
Diane Grob
Michelle Guillermin
Pamela Gwaltney
Robin and Jay Hammer
Carla Hay
Janet Ruth Heller
Anna Stapleton Henson
Vanessa and Chris Higgins
Thomas R. Hill
Yumi Hogan
Shelley and Allan Holt
Michelle Howard
The Italy Committee of NMWA
Jackson Family Foundation
Jan V. Jessup
Pamela C. Johnson and Wesley King
Ann Kaplan
Azali Kassum and Ian Myers
Audrey and Sheldon Katz
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts**
Arlene Fine Klepper and Martin Klepper

Doris Kloster
Malinda Krantz
W. Bruce Krebs
M. Leanne Lachman
Jacob J. Lahr
Saint Laurent
Dr. Amy K. Lamb**
Sandra W. and James Langdon, Jr.
Anne M. Larner
Susanne and Eric Larsen
Carol and Climis Lascaris
Cynthia Madden Leitner and Roger Leitner
Hanane Lemlih and Karim Rahmoune
Randi and Jeffrey Levine
Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation, Inc.
Stacey and Gregory Lubar
Karen Lund
Patricia Macintyre
Linda and Larry Mann
Frances S. Marks*
Maria Teresa Martínez
C. Raymond Marvin
Ellen Stirn Mavec
Dan McGuinness
Fatima McKinley
Mellor Family Foundation
Morgan Miller
Milica Mitrovich
Darby and James Montgomery
Claudia Pensotti Mosca
Lee Murphy
The NAMASTE Foundation
Kim and Patrick Nettles
Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Mary B. Olch
Maggie O’Neill**
Pamela J. Parizek
Nellie Partow
Cynthia Paschen
Margaret H. and Jim Perkins
Ella Peters
Tenley Peterson and Jeffrey Munns
Robin Phillips
Carla Plessi**
Olwen and Don Pongrace
Jean Porto
Maddie L. Preston
Toni Ratner Miller
Elizabeth S. Ray
Helena Ribe
Jacqueline Rooney
The Rosenstiel Foundation
Jean Hall and Thomas D. Rutherfoord, Jr.
Chrissy and Mitch Sayare
Joyce E. Scafe
Karen and Bill Schuiling
Mary A. Severson
Shepherd Finkelman Miller & Shah, LLP
Dr. Cynthia M. Shewan
Eileen Shields-West and The Honorable John Robinson West
Ann L. Simon
Dot Snyder
Judy W. Soley
Dorothy W. Stapleton
Lisa Cannon and Charles Edison Taylor
Sara and Michelle Vance Waddell
Toni G. and Lee L. Verstandig
Brooke Taylor
Harriet L. Warm
Krystyna Wasserman
Anna Weatherly and George Contis
Elizabeth B. Welles
Betty Bentsen Winn
Carolyn and William Wolfe
Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock
World Bank Community Connections Fund


Anonymous (3)
Ruth and Sam Alward
Sylvia A. Azoyan
Jamie Baldinger
Linda C. Barclay
Beloff and Geller Family Fund
Judith Blackwell
Sandra Bloch
Ginger and James Bowen
Bertha Soto Braddock
Bobbe J. Bridge
Margo A. Brinton, Ph.D. and Eldon Park
Marilyn Brockway
Jean B. Brown
Yolanda Bruno
Hanna Burruss
Carol Byrne
Charlotte Anne Cameron
Laura and Guy Cecala
Susan Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Cox
Michael L. Crane
Dr. Linda Daniel
Paul Davis
Deena Sara Disraelly in honor of Barbi Striar Disraelly
Regina and Martin Donnelly
Alexis Dupre
Claire and Albert Dwoskin
Barbara Elky
Mary Evans
L. B. Ewing
Shirley B. Familian
Jill Ferrera
Nancy M. Folger
Helen H. Ford
Gail Frances
Mary M. Free
Sally Mott and John K. Freeman
Narges Gheissari
Pamela and Scott Gibson
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Marguerite F. Godbold
Leslie F. Gold
Jim Goldschmidt
Carol Green
Emily B. Grigsby
Sheila and Patrick Gross
Susan Hairston
Nora Harlow
Fruzsina M. Harsanyi and Raymond Garcia
Marilyn J. and Philip Hayes
Jean E. Hayward, M.D.
Pat and Fred Henning
Lilo A. Hester
Celia Hope Hodgson and Louise J.P. Goodall
Toney Hopkins
Lia Kahler and Thomas Huber
Betty Hudson
James R. Meadows, Jr. Foundation
William and Alice Janes
Jane’s Fund
Madelyn Jennings
Margaret M. Johnston
Julie Karcis
Kay Kendall and Jack Davies
Susan Ker-Seymer
Elizabeth P. Kirchner
Janece S. Kleban
Anne R. Kline
Christina Knowles and Christopher Petite
Carol and Martin Paul Kolsky
Ruth and Mahesh Kotecha
Barbara J. Kraft and Peter Winkler
Suzanne S. La Pierre
Julia M. Ladner
Mary Lou Laprade
Elissa Leonard
Bari R. and Keith D. Levingston
Barbara Liotta
Judy R. Loving
Joanne Lyman

Maryann Lynch
MATINE Studio**
Marcia Mau and Frank Moy
Debra McLeod (Grant Me The Wisdom Foundation)
Owen McMahon, Jr.
The Meeker Rom Family Foundation
Joyce Henderson Mims
Leila W. Misher
Lynn Montz and John Leubsdorf
Sharon Moody and Kenneth Kent
Helen Mulkeen
Mary Murphy
Gretchen and David Neal
Eva Neumann
Heidi Nitze
Bu Nygrens
Susan O’Brien, M.D.
Occasions Caterers**
Carol J. Olson
Joan Mitchell O’Neill
Maureen A. Orth
Jeanne Paparazzo
Lois M. Pausch
Sarah Perot
Sheryl A. Pesce
Ann Marie Pinto
William Pollak
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos
K. Shelly Porges and Rich Wilhelm
Timothy M. Price
Sarah M Pritchard
Martha A. Prumers
Jean W. Roach
Dr. Markley Roberts
Mary Anne and Jim Rogers
Karen Rogers-Still
Aleza and Joe Rosenberg
Emily G. Ross
Bonnie and Thomas Rosse
Irene Roth and Vicken Poochikian
Susan M. Ryan-Deaner
Julie and Captain David Sapone
Christopher M. Sargent
Mary Schmidt and Russell Libby
Dennis Siegner
Joan Simon
Doris G. Simonis
Esther Simplot
Andrea Roane and Michael Skehan
Beverly Hall and Kurt Smith
Kristin Smith
Marsha S. Soffer
Susan Kahn Sovel
Martha Spak**
Mr. and Mrs. George Stamas
Alice and Ken Starr
Dr. Marjorie L. Stein
Jan W. Stevenson
Courtney P. Stockland
Holly G. Stone
Josephine L. Stribling
Regina Sullivan
Jane Swicegood
Carol F. Tasca
Amanda M. Termuhlen
Patt Trama
Catherine Pendola Tringali*
Upstairs on 7th
Rena T. Vakay
Elzbieta Vande Sande
Rosa Ines Vera and Joseph Carey
Linda Weber Kiousis
Candace King Weir
Christie-Anne and Jeffrey Weiss
Karen Wilson
Dr. Deborah M. Winn and Dr. Allan Jaworski
Rhett D. Workman
Yuen Foundation
Susan Zawel


Anonymous (2)
A. Holmes Parker Foundation
Elizabeth W. Abad
Diane Abeloff
Ms. Margery Al-Chalabi
Elena and Robert Allbritton
Carolyn Alper
Ruth Altheim
Robert Aptekar
Claire Arnold
Patricia Baig
Baltimore Center Stage**
Sharon Balzer
Kathleen Barclay
Marie A. Barton
G. Bauer
Danielle C. Beach, Esq.
Avi Benaim**
Janet and Robert Benson
Sherle and Michael Berger
Mary Ellen Bergeron
Barbara E. Berner and Rev. Milton T. Berner
Anne Bielucke
Sharon K. Bigot
Deborah Bishop
Frances and Daniel W. Blaylock
Gaylyn N. Boone and James Dorcy
Bottega Veneta, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Raj K. Boveja
Mary Boylan
Anne E. Branch
Gwen Brewer
Leonie M. and John R. Brinkema
Terri D. Bullock
Doris Burd
Deborah Butterfield
Moyra Byrne
Paula Cahoon
Karen A. Macedo Cambra
Elaine Cardinale
Brenda Daley Carr
Casey and Jack Carsten
Shelley Carton
Ms. Jeanne Norman Chase
Vicki E. Chessin
Cecelia Scearce Chewning
Sheila Clark
Kittie B. Clarke
Ellen Coleman*
Myrna Colley-Lee
Elizabeth Colton
David Yurman
Sara and Philip Davis
Doloras E. Davison
Sue De Abreu Forehand
Barbara Denrich
Karen Detweiler
Gina Devito
Lesley Devrouax**
Dolby Chadwick Gallery
Deborah J. Dorshimer
Ellen Drew
Margaret P. and Peter Dzwilewski
Doug and Joyce Eagles
Margaret M. Ellis
Deborah and Philip English
Loretta Fabricant
Valerie Facey
Sandy Falloon
Tarry D. Faries
Joyce Itkin Figel and Brad Figel
Denise J. Fiore
Albert L. Folsom
Ann Ford and Anthony Scialli
Marie J. Fouts
Constance S. and Joseph P.* Franklin
Tracy Freedman
Susan Freydberg
Cary Frieze
Kathryn Fritzdixon
Virginia Elkin Fuller
Pauline Garcia
Joseph L. Gastwirth
Mary C. Giglio
Ms. Beryl Gilmore and Mr. Joseph Asin
Merry Glosband
Ruth Goldstein
Grace Gorlitz
Barbara and Rich Gray
Catherine A. Green
Nita N. Grover, M.D.
Kathleen A. Guinn
Teresa Gutsick
Lorraine Gyauch
Nancy Hackerman
Alice Haddix
June Hajjar
Sandi and Larry Hammonds
Nadine S. Hardin
Dana A. Harrison
Mary J. Hayden and Carla J. Tamaso
Delphine Hedtke
Ruth Hemming
Elizabeth Hemminger
Jo M. Hendrickson
Charles T. Hendrix
Angeline and W. Randolph Herman
Jennefer A. Hirschberg
Meredith Hope
Steven B. Hopping, M.D.
Larry D. Hothem
Marissa A. and James Huttinger
IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program
Nancy Insprucker
Diane M. Jacobs
Hollye Jacobs
Indu Jindia
Anne and Clay Johnson
Gretchen W. and James L. Johnson
Anne C. Kaplan
Caroline Kaplan and Douglas Clark
Amy Kaster and Dale Leibowitz
Janet R. Kelly
Peaches Kempner
Leslie J. Kenyon

Cookie Kerxton
Gladys Kessler
Margery Kibby
Cheryl Kiddoo
Katherine Kiehn and Alexis Lane Jensen
Christy Kim
Kay Kimpton
Clyde Kirkman
Charlotte Koenigsaecker
Susan A. Kowalski
Lynne S. Kraus
Leonard Kreppel
Bette E. Landman
Robin Rosa Laub
Emmanuelle and Brieuc Le Bigre
Elena Lebedeva
Ruth and Edward Legum
Mary K. Leskovac
Lori Leveen
Canice K. Levin
Sharon I. Lewis
Peggy and Richard Lidstad
Charles Lieppe
Elizabeth and Jan Lodal
Liz Minyard Lokey
Carl M. Louck
Anne H. Magoun
Elizabeth Marchut Michalski
Margaret Evans Tuten Foundation
Susan Marsch
Priscilla and Joe R. Martin
Christina Maslach
Marsha Mateyka
Margot Duysen McCullers
Sandy McKenzie
Nancy McKimens
Margaret Tafoya McLaughlin and Wilma Conley Tafoya
Laurie E. McNeil and Patrick W. Wallace
Iris McWilliams
Janet Meister
Elizabeth G. Menaghan
Josie Merck
Gail B. Meyers
Pamela Miller-Hornik
Nancy Milstein
Mary Mocas
Bruce Monblatt
The Morphos Gallery
Patricia L. Mote
Lola M. Muller
Linda Myers
Melissa Nabors
Constance and Richard Neel
Ginny and Hartley Neel
Christie Neuger
Georgine Neureiter
Yvonne B. Nevens
Ellen C. Ng
Audrey Niffenegger
Monica T. O’Neill
Susan Palmer Aulik
Carol Parker
Zoe H. Parker
Helene Patterson and Leo Mullen
Betsy Peitz
Mary A. Pemberton
Diane Percival
Marta M. Pereyma
Beverly Peterkofsky
Meredith and Burnett Peters
Anne Wallace Peterson
Elizabeth and John* Phillips
Edith and John Poertner
Amelia Preece
Jorgen A. Rasmussen
Helen Reid
Anne Richardson
Diane C. Robertson
Pamela Roby in memory of Winifred Scammon
Reed Roby
Lucinda Romberg
Maria E. Rubio
Lydia M. Ruyle
Donna Z. Saffir
Gretchen Schnabel
Timothy P. Schoettle
Larissa Schultz
Karen Schwartz
Scott/Courtney Fund of Horizons Foundation
Lynne C. Sendejo
Sarah Shlesinger
Rae L. Siporin
F. Louise and Wayne Smith
Virginia Smith
Linda Watkins Sorkin
Michele Sperling
Richard E. Stafford
Pegge M. Steele
Liezel Strauss
Douglas K. Struck
David Stuart
Kim and Sarah Baldwin Swig
M. Elizabeth Swope
Mary and Charles Teeple
The Texas State Committee of NMWA
Sharen A. Thomas
Linda J. Thompson
Debra L. Tillery
Joan and Maurice Tobin
Sherry Trechter
Micaela A. Trumbull
Nataly Vostrikov
Sarah Vradenburg
Susan Weiss
Carolyn L. Wheeler
Valerie and John Wheeler
Pamela and George Willeford
Arbe J. Williams
Lynora Williams
Susie S. Williams
Jane Wilson
Lucy and Scott Wilson
Richard Winter
Margaret K. Wolf
Mary Lee Wood
Wanda C. Wood, Ret.
Mary A. Zadrozny
Jan Zahrly

Legacy Society

We also recognize members of the Legacy Society, our dedicated supporters who have included the museum in their estate plans. These gifts are vital to the museum and its future.

Anonymous (3)
Marlene J. Adrian and Denise R. Duarte
Sunny Alsup
Alyssa H. Arute
Renée Bash
Ms. Kimberley L. Boyd
Beth B. Buehlmann
Jan S. Carr
Kenneth P. Dutter
Margaret Dzwilewski
Michele Garside
Ms. Alice Haddix
Margaret Hayes
Tamora Ilasat
Charleen Kavleski
Rita Marie Kepner, Ph.D and John Matthiesen in memory of Lisa T. Painter
Stuart and Barbara Kreisberg
Anne M. Larner
Debra Light

Marcia MacArthur
Melody Marks
Janet Meister
Mme. Gail B. Meyers
Kristine Morris
Yvonne S. Olson
Roseanne Marie Peters
Tony Podesta
Joyce D. Portnoy
Markley Roberts in Memory of Jeanne Addison Roberts
Synthia Saint James
Michelle and Jonathan Sales
Sandra Sider
Linda Watkins Sorkin
Jessica Tava
Sandra Gleichman Thompson
Barbara Burnett Vater
Harriet L. Warm
Margot Lurie Zimmerman

* Deceased
** In-kind gifts

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