Urgent Museum Notice

With Thanks

A still life painting featuring an asymmetrical arrangement of flowers; the central section features pink, orange, yellow, and blue flowers and is dramatically highlighted compared to the background and outer edge of arrangement.
Thank you to our generous supporters!

NMWA is deeply grateful to supporters of the Space to Soar capital campaign, museum exhibitions, special programs, membership, and the annual fund. We extend sincere appreciation to individuals and organizations who make our work possible as well as members of The Wilhelmina and Wallace Holladay Legacy Society and the Legacy of Women in the Arts Endowment.

Space to Soar Capital Campaign

We salute and thank the extraordinary friends of the museum who have made gifts and pledges to support our Space to Soar capital campaign (as of October 1, 2023).

$15 million+


$5 to $14.9 million

Gloria and Dan Logan/The Revada Foundation, Jacqueline Badger Mars 

$2 to $4.9 million

Marcia Myers Carlucci, Betty Boyd Dettre*, Events DC, Ann M. Farley Trust, Denise Littlefield Sobel, MaryRoss Taylor 

$1 to $1.9 million

Winton and Hap Holladay, Clara M. Lovett, Marlene A. Malek, Estate of Evelyn B. Metzger, Sue J. Henry and Carter G. Phillips, J. Christopher and Anne N. Reyes Foundation, San Francisco Advocacy Group, Dr. Alejandra Segura, Susan and Jim Swartz, The Texas Committee, Estate of Susan Wisherd 

$500,000 to $999,999

David Boies and Jonathan Schiller, Mary Lou Dauray, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Martha Lyn Dippell and Daniel L. Korengold, Cindy and Evan Jones, Fred M. Levin in memory of Nancy Livingston Levin, The Honorable Mary V. Mochary, Sarah and Ross Perot Jr., Lucy S. Rhame, George and Patti White 

$250,000 to $499,999

Nancy and Marc Duber, Elva Ferrari-Graham, Jamie Gorelick and Richard Waldhorn, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Gloria Pieretti* in honor of the Testolin Pieretti Family, Linda Rabbitt and John Whalen Family Foundation, Sheila and Rick Shaffer, Geri O’Toole Skirkanich, Christine Suppes, Alice and Gordon* West Jr. 

$101,000 to $249,999

M. A. Ruda and Peter J. P. Brickfield*, Charlotte Forster, Georgia Committee of NMWA, Anjali and Arun Gupta, Nancy Wood Moorman, Amanda and Curtis Polk, Laurel and John Rafter, Tara Rudman, Stephanie Wyndam Sale, Jayne Visser and Kristin Smith, Dana* and Jack Snyder, Susan and Scott Sterling


FedEx/Gina Adams, Janice and Harold L.* Adams, Arkansas State Committee, Amy and Bret Baier, Grace Bender, Charlotte Clay Buxton and Michael Buxton, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas, Andrea and Richard Catania, Evonne C. and Robert T. Connolly II, Ashley Davis and Joel Frushone, Lisa and Porter Dawson, Anne N. Edwards, Charles and Lisa Claudy Fleischman Family Fund, Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Belinda de Gaudemar, Pamela Gwaltney, Laurie Sands Harrison, The Hayes Foundation, Diane Casey-Landry and Brock Landry, Mary Ann and Allen Lassiter, Lugano Diamonds, Kristen and George Lund, Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Morgan Stanley, Northern Trust Company, Ohio Advisory Group, Kay Woodward Olson, Tony T. and Trisja Malisoff Podesta, Lucretia Adymy Risoleo and Robert Risoleo, Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation in Memory of Arlene Schnitzer, Karen and William Sonneborn, Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn, Christoph and Pamela Stanger, Roger and Nancy Nelson Stevenson, Josephine L. and Thomas D.* Stribling, Leo Rosner Foundation/Bill Robbins, Judy and Charles Tate, Deborah Dunklin Tipton 

$50,000 to $99,999

Bank of America of Greater Washington, Deborah G. Carstens, Robin and Jay Hammer, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reed Miller, Julie Packard, Jean Hall and Thomas D. Rutherfoord Jr., Beth W. Newburger Schwartz, Patti Amanda and Bruce Spivey, UK Friends of NMWA, Marichu C. Valencia and Donald J. Puglisi, Amy Weiss and Peter J. Kadzik

$25,000 to $49,999

Gail D. Bassin, Joan Bialek and Louis Levitt, Deborah Buck, Marcy and Neil Cohen, Robyn D. Collins, Susan Goldberg and Geoffrey Etnire, Jan Jessup, Alice D. Kaplan, Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Langdon, Marcia MacArthur, Priscilla W. and Joe R. Martin, Robin Rosa Laub, Bonnie Loeb, Angela LoRé, Lowe Foundation, Dee Ann McIntyre, Mid-Atlantic Committee of NMWA, Monica O’Neill, Laura Perkins, Margaret H. and Jim Perkins, Mary Poelzlbauer, Alice M. Starr, Brooke and Heyward Taylor, Frances Luessenhop Usher, Sara M. and Michelle Vance Waddell, Courtney Johnson Walker, Velda Warner, Daisy Sloan White, Emily Gay* and Neville Gay Williams, Carolyn and John Young

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous (4), Kathe Hicks Albrecht and Mark J. Albrecht, Jean and Clyde Alexander, Helen Brown Bechtel, Arlene Begelman, Katherine and David Bradley, Nancy Taylor Bubes and Alan Bubes, Lisa Cannon and Charles Edison Taylor, Rose Carter, Clark-Winchcole Foundation, Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia in memory of Carol Lascaris, Constance M. Cooper Charitable Foundation, Lizette Corro, Mrs. and Mr. Barbara Cox, Elizabeth Crane, Lynn Finesilver Crystal, Liz and Tim Cullen, John and Brittain Damgard, Susan and Frank Dunlevy, Karyn Frist, Susan Gage, Marguerite F. Godbold, Carol Brown Goldberg and Henry Goldberg, Ann K. Gunn, Ilene and Jeffrey Gutman, Lorraine Gyauch, Adrienne and Bill Hanna, Madge Green Henry, Bob and Betsy Huffman, Japan Committee of NMWA, Sally L. Jones, Ellen Stirn Mavec, Cynthia Adler McKee, Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust, Leila W. Mischer, Mary Mocas and Marvin Tseu, Elizabeth and Chuck Nash, Carol and Gerry Parker, The Mary Potishman Lard Trust, Mary Lynn Reese, Jocelyn Selig, Kathy Sierra, Dot and Ned Snyder, Sony Corporation of America Foundation, Sara Steinfeld, Jessica S. and Louis Sterchi, Annie Simonian Totah, Sarah Bucknell Treco, Charlotte and Paul Tripplehorn, Harriet L. Warm, Tamara White, Betty Bentsen Winn, Jean and Donald Wolf, JM Zell Partners, Ltd.

$1,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (3), Ruth and Sam Alward, Susan and Ron Antinori, Alexandra Armstrong, Susan Ascher and Paul Kalb, Jaquita Ball, Virginia Banchoff, Cynthia Dahlin and Ron Barusch, Victoria and James Bell, Joan Benedetti, Elizabeth Birka-White, Kathryn Bonansinga, Leonie M. and John R. Brinkema, Terrye Brosh, Laura Brouse-Long, Margaret C. Boyce Brown, Moyra Byrne, Kaaren Cabraja, Diana Carsey, Shelley Carton, Nancy Clark, Marian Cohen, Donna Collins, Beth Colocci, Valerie Corvin, Lorna Cowher, Loretta Dakin, Dr. Beverly Dale, Tommye Lou Davis, Alexis Deutsch-Adler, Marilena Disilvio, Helen DuBois, Elizabeth Duggal and Alain Taghipour, Kenneth P. Dutter, Doug and Joyce Eagles, Ricky Eatherly, Ginny Feldman, Maribeth Frazer and John B. Frazer Jr., Tracy Freedman, Kathryn Fritzdixon, Michele Garside PhD, Patricia Mast and Kenneth S. George, Kathleen A. Guinn, Lillian Hagen, June Hajjar, Christine Hansen, Fruzsina M. Harsanyi and Raymond Garcia*, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Adrienne Hensley, Barbara Holdridge, Marissa A. and James Huttinger, Debra Bennett Jackson, Derek and Gillian Jackson, Marlene Johnson, Pamela C. Johnson and Wesley King, Martha Jones, Ellen Jozoff, Noriko Kashiwagi, R. Sue Kaufman, Susan Kennedy and Julie Hewitt, Elizabeth and James Kiernan, Arlene Fine Klepper and Martin Klepper, Kay Lachter, Jana Lawton, William R. and Christine M. Leahy, Arlene Leis, Herbert and Wilda Lewis, The Llellanie S. Orcutt Fdn. Trust, Jeanne Loveland, Joanne Lyman, Nannette Maciejunes, Frances MacIntyre, Osborne Phinizy Mackie and Dr. Morgan D. Delaney, Jane Maland, Rebecca Matejcek-Chang, Marsha Mateyka, Houston Matthews, Kate B. Maurras, Iris McWilliams, Toni Ratner Miller, Joyce Henderson Mims, Anu Mitra, Irene Natividad, Glenda Oakley, James O’Donnell and Ann Okerson, Karen Ross and John O. Oswalt, Jill Over, Jeanne Parham, Pamela J. Parizek, Joanne Pekarik, Dede and Tom Petri, Diane and Carolyn Plank, Sue Plattner-Smith, Phoebe Marlys Pollinger, Dr. Michael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos, Stanley Poss, Amelia Preece, Jacqueline L. Quillen*, Hedy M. Ratner, Elizabeth S. Ray, Anne and Steve Reed, Barbara Richter, Sandra Riggs, Mr. Markley Roberts, Elizabeth Robinson, Michaela and Robert Robinson, Joy Roller, Aleza and Joe Rosenberg, Elizabeth L. Rossman, Kitty Rubenstein, Genevieve McSweeney and Frederick Ryan, Mary Jane Rynd, Julie A. Sapone, Barbara Satterfield, Anikó G. Schott, Bonnie Schwartz, Pamela and Tom Sheffield, Jennifer L. Sigler, Lera Smith Ph.D. and Steven Smith, Linda Watkins Sorkin, Alyssa K. Mertz and Susan K. Sovel, Joanne Stringer, Douglas K. Struck, Kim and Sarah Baldwin Swig, Sarah Shell Teague, Mary and Charles Teeple, Margaret Thorne, Patricia and Ellen Tice, Demara Titzer, Krystyna Wasserman, Tela Arrington Webb, Tara Beauregard Whitbeck, B. Joan White, Marie Wilkie, Pamela and George Willeford, Mara Witzling, Barbara Wolanin 

Additional Supporters

Anonymous (2), Murray Abramsky, Susan Addiss, Eva Adler, Elaine and V. Agather, Eleanor Allen, Jennifer Allport-Anderson, Constance Allquist, Sandra Alstadt, Kate Amend, Vanessa Anderson, Ms. Khristie Andrus, R. Victoria Arana-Robinson, Kathleen Arleth, Charlotte and Walter L. Arnstein, Phyllis Asnien, Pam Augspurger, Diane Azzolin, R. Baab, Nancy Baillie, Margaret E. Baird, Joanne Baizer, Cynthia Baker, Therese Baker-Degler, Jean Galloway Ball, Luke Balistreri, Maureen Banks, Sherrie Barr, Roann Barris, Ghada Batrouni, Barbara Baugh, Constance M. Baugh, Judith Bay, Karen Bearor, Marty Beidler, Harold Belcher, Patricia Belknap, Joy Belluzzi, Allison Berman, Karen D. Berman, Wendy Bidstrup, Katharine Bigelow, Jenny Bilfield, Joann Bingham, Mrs. Charlotte Bird, Carol Bivins, Leslie Blakemore, Blazin, Cookie Bloom, Odette Blum, Libby Balter Blume, Diane H. Blumenthal, Sharon Kesterson Bollen, Carrie Bolster, Pat Bonner, Louise Borke, Audrey L. Bornstein, Judy Boroskin, Nahid Boustani, Jane C. Bowen, Judith B. Bowman, Diann Bowoman, Arline Boyce, Christina Katherine Anne Boyce, Barbara Boyer, Kathryn Boylan, Kathleen Boyle, Bonnie Brae, Anne M. Breen, Sarah Bro, Clara Brock, Catherine A. Broderick, Dr. Thomas R. Broker, Julia Brouhard, Lorraine Brown, Rhonda Brown, Ruth Brown, Shelagh Casey Brown, Marty Brumback, Irene Buck, Katherine Bucknell Maguire, Elaine M. Bukowiccki, Eugenia Burkes, Sadie Butler, Caron Cadle and Lesley Gamble, Ms. Maurine Canarsky, Susan Carbo, Judy Card, Bonnie Carpenter, Dorothy Cartwright, Janice Cavanaugh, Carole Cavanaugh-Fettig, Blanca Cedillos, Elizabeth J. Chaldekas, Kathrin Cheema, Sharon Cherry, Lucy Childs, Elinor Christiansen, Joan and Anthony Churchill, Tamara Churns-Gilman, Mary Ellen Clark, Joan Clarke, Susan Clarke-Mahoney and Martin Mahoney, Maggie Clarkson, Robyn Clawson, Ellen Cleveland, Tara Balfe Clifford, Karen L. Clute, Mary and Jim Cook, Carol Cooke, Charles N. Cooper, Mary Cooper, Karen Cordero, Marica Cox Mitchell, Myrna Curtis, Ms. Donna J. Danielson, Jane Darby, L. Karen Darner, Charlotte M. Davis, Ed.D., Julia Dawson, Judith Degraff, Eloisa C. De De Luna, Lee Ann De Reus, Sheila Delaney, Carol A. Delany, Barbara Denrich, Linda J. Derbyshire, Pam Dernham, Carol Ann Detlef, Sanna Deutsch, Anne Devaney, C. Diehl, Anne Michelle Dobrzynski, Beverly Doggrell, Dina Dorich, Pat Dorman, Ann Dougherty, Eileen Doughty, Anna Doyle, Genevieve Driver, Esther Drozner, Jacquolyn Duerr, Eileen Duggan, Janet Duggins, Gail Dunlap, Kelly and Louise Dunn, Fynnette Eaton, Amy L. Edwards, Betty Bivins Edwards, Jola Edwards, Maggie Edwards, Marion Ehrich, Loryann M. Eis, Susanne E. and Clayton W. Eisinger, Eddie and Rachel Eitches, Janet and Tom Elkins, Diane G. Elliott, Robert and Marilyn Ellsworth, MaryLe Emmett, Meron Engida, Molly Engle, Judith W. Ennis, Maria Epes, Jean Etsinger, Robert and Della Ewart, Lexie M. Evans, Noela N. Evans, Myrna Fawcett, Krayna Feinberg, Christine Fethes-Connolly, Kimberly Finger, Lois Fink, Ms. Maria C. Fiordellisi, Kristine Fisher, Mr. Brian Flaherty, Susan Fleischman, Margaret Fouse, Ms. Susan A. Fox, Nancy Fox, Wendy J. Frances, Elaine Franco, Edie Fraser, Becky Frehse, Elizabeth French, Barbara Friedell, Raymond K. Fudge, Patricia Funaro, Odelia Funke, Jane S. Gabin, Deborah Gaensbauer, Julie Galbierz, Lesley Gamble, Joyce and Roy Gamse, Barbara Gartley, Marcy Gefter, Lorna Geiler, Phylis J. Geller, Ayanah S. George, Sheila Gershen, Maria Gharakhanian, Priscilla Gibbs, Mary C. Giglio and Peter Ciesielski, Mary Gillis, Valerie Gladwell, Gladys Glassman, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gleason, Jane Godfrey, Gwenn Goebel, Andrea Goldberg, Marilyn Goldfeather, Gailmarie Goldrick and Frank Distasio, Gordon and Nancy Goodman, Sandi-Jo Gordon, Denise Graffeo, Cherlyn Granrose, Sharon Grant, Dean A. and Lisa A. Graves, Norma L. Greene, John Griffin, Gail Group, Diane M. Gulseth, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Jane E. Gustafson, Karen Marie Gutfreund, Lawrence Simpson Guthrie, Deborah A. Haggard-Rosse, Trudi B. Hahn, Jolynda H. and David M. Halinski, Melanie E. Hall, Jo Hamby, Catherine Hamel, Linnea Hamer, John Hanks, Jennifer Hardy, Kaaren Hardy, Harriett J. Harper, Patricia Harrington, Mary Elizabeth Harwood, Jacqueline Haveman, Mary J. Hayden and Carla J. Tomaso, Betty and Tom Hays, Mrs. Gretchen L. Hays, Kathleen Hayes, Jo Ann Hearld, Joy Heaton, Mira Hecht, Lisa C. Heilman, Sara Heineke, Mary Heiss and Harold Dorenbecher, Camille Helminski, Susan Hengelsberg, Nancy Henningsen, Marium Henson, Connie Herring, Jay Herson, Mary W. Hewlett, Delina Hickey, Gretchen Hiegel, June and George Higgins, Ms. Margaret M. Higgins, Ann Hill and Sabina Schiller, Charlotte Hill, Lucia Hill, Dorothy Hires, Stephanie Ho, Rose Hofer, Frima Fox Hofrichter, Pamela Hoiles, Elodie Holmes, Joanie and Bobby Holt, Steven Alan Honley, Elizabeth M. Hossa, Larry D. Hothem, Linda S. Houston, Dee Howard, Allyn Howlett, Suellen and Hal Hudson, Milena P. Hughes, Ms. Constance Hunter, Kathy A. Hurling, Julianne Hurst, Marie Laure Ilie, Linda M. Ingersoll, Mary Ingram, Tania Iwanoswki, Jackie Jablonski, Carin Jackson, Laurie Jacobs, Lynne Jacobs, Leslie Jacobson, Kathryn K. James, Marjorie Jeanchild, Marlene E. Jefferson, Helen Jennette, Karen Jerome and Jonathan Eig, Diana S. Jester, Victoria Johnson, Howard Johnston, Christine Johnston, Rosalyn and Gary* Jonas, Carol Adaire Jones, Chanel Jones, Diane Jones Meier, Grace Kaelin, Ms. Nannette Kalani, Arnold and Marcia Kaplin, Lisa Kaplowitz, Barbara J. Kashian-Snow, Marian Katz, Dorothy Kearns, Mae Keary, Peter Kern, Cookie Kerxton, Niki Ketchman, Deborah and Bruce Klein, Sylvia Kihara, Maggie Kildee, Susan Kindelt, Catherine Kinkade, Mary Anne Kinsella, Olivia Kohler-Maga, Beverly Kohot, Barbara J. Kraft and Peter Winkler, Suzanne Stephens Kragiel, Virginia M. Krall, Davida Kristy, Ms. Margaret H. Lacey, Lisa L. Lahrman, Zoe Landers, Abbie Laskey, Suzanne Lauver, Mary Ellen Lavenberg, Melanie C. Lawrence, Rene Lawson, Karen Leggett, Suzanne Lemakis, Marcia L. Leonhardt, Ms. Patricia L. Leslie, Marjory J. Levitt, Jeanne E. Levy, Constance Lewis, Marie Leyko and Gerald Poje, Gloria Lieberstein, JoAnn Lindstrom-Clark, Hilary M. Lips, Wendi Londner, Dianna C. Long, Annie Lopez and Jeff Falk, Mitra Mortazavi Lore, Mary Frances Lowe, Jo Lucas, Elsa Ludewig-Verdehr, Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Ph.D., Vilma Luther, Patrice A. Lyons, Samantha Macinnis, Velma Magill, Louise Magoon, Leah Magyary, Barbara Malatesta, Diane Mangano-Cohen and William Cohen, Susan A. Maron, Leslie Marria, Alice Martinelli, Beth and John Mayfield, Nancy McCarthy, Mary J. McCutcheon, Lorraine M. McDonnell and M. Stephen Weatherford*, Dorothea McFarland, Karen McKeen and Laura Deluc, Dorothy and Bill McSweeny, Patricia Mechael, Barbara Cernik Megery, Lauri Mendenhall, Vonda Meier, Gail Brotherton Meyers, Dr. Martha Mihaly Black, PhD, C. and Stafford Miller, Ann Mirels, Anisa Mohanty, Diane L. Mooney, Judy Sutton Moore, Concetta Morales, Nancy Morrison, Marcia Morse, Carolyn M. Mulac, Nancy Jo Mullen, Colette M. Murray, Verlyn Mysak, Adele Nagelberg, Mira Nakashima-Yamal, Kristine Napora, Dawn Nelson, Mary Nelson, Sue Nelson, Marianne L. Nesler, Christie Neuger, Robert W. Newcomb, Leslee Newton-Reed, Bonnie Nickol, Judy Noble, Barbara Norton, Katie Norton, Carla Miller Noziglia, Maureen Freeman O’Brien, Lucia O’Reilly, J. Anne O’Neil, Marie Obermann, Mary Mark and John Ockerbloom, Shirley Oliner, Madeline and Allan Olson, Linda Onderko, Norma Osborn, Mary Ott, Jacquelyn Ottman, Mary L. Owen, Jane Pacelli, Judson Parsons, Joan Patton, Paula Paul, Judith Pence, Eleanor Pendleton, Elisabeth M. Pendleton, Beverly Penn, Deborah Perry, Kate M. Perry, Kathryn Peters, Corinne Peterson, Kathleen Petty, Victoria Pfaff, Caroline Pickens, Roberta Pieczenik, Heather Pierce, Dr. Patricia Pinson, Ms. Nancy E. Pirt, Ellen Poje, Margaret R. Polson, Mrs. Oveta Hall Popjoy, Deborah Blair Porter, Jeanne Porter, Kathryn M. Pumphrey, Lynn Preis, Sabiyha Prince, Laura Provan, Beth L. Quale, Jess Rampulla, Nora Raum, Lori M. Reagan, Sonia Redfield, Millie Redinger, William and Nina Redlin, Mary V. Rehmann, Jane Reynolds, Regina Reynolds, Myra Rhoades, Cheryl A. Richey, Catherine Rickbone, Eleanor Ridley, Marilyn Rishkofski, Gail Ritchie, Rosette M. Roat Malone, Kathleen Robel, Diane C. Robertson, Gail Robinson, Shantay Robinson, Laura Rocco, Jamie Roche, Carol L. Rogers, Ms. Patsy Rogers, Lynne Rogerson, Karen Romer, Sharon Ross, Judi Rossman, Jane Rostov, Daria A Rothe, Helen Rothman, Ms. Joanna Rotte, Ms. Geraldine T. Rottenberg, Kristin Rover, Debra Rubino, Randi Rubovits-Seitz, Joyce Runyan, LaVonne L. Ruoff, Susan and Harvey Sachs, Renee Y. Sandell, Fanny Sanin, Patricia Schantz, Artemis Schatzkin, Mary Alice Schatzle and Glendowlyn Howard, Mary C. Schlosser, Gail Schneider, Eleanor Schwartz, Jill Nevius Schwartz, Stephanie Schwartz, Penelope Schwind, Ruth A. Seif, Patricia Seiler, Rimma Selutin-Reusch, Cecilia B and Peter Sepp, Anne Serafin, Mary Ann Serra, Laine Shakerdge, Virginia Shapiro, Elisa Shearer, Carola S. Shepard, Laurel M. Sheppard, Mike Sherling, Beverly Shipko, Sydni Ann Shollenberger, Gwendolyn M. Short, Sandra Sider, Donald R. Siebert, Julia and Sam Simmons, Katrina Simmons, Sonya Singer Livingston, William Sitzer, Cyndi Slacum, Don and Tina Slater, Beryl Ramsay Smith, Christine Smith, Dawn Smith, Donna Smith, Dorothy Smith, Fran Smith, Monica Smith, R Peggy Smith, R. P. Smith, Rebecca Smith, Ruth Ann Snowden, Nan Spalding, Sue Spincic, Charlene Spretnak, Vesela Sretenovic, Janet Stanley, Ms. Victoria Stanley, Elizabeth Starkey, Anne Reynolds Stauffer, Jan Steinhauser, Maryan F. Stephens, Joy Sterling, Deborah Stevens, J Stimmel, M Stinespring, Mary Stockton, Bonnie Stone, Margaret H. Stone, Anita Stowe, Devika Strother, Ann Strand and Stephen Shapiro, Melody Suzor, Jonathan A. Swartz, Jane Swicegood*, Nancy Szalwinski, Agnes V. Szekeres, Archana Szpak, Mary Harding Talbot, Betty Taska, Ms. Nancy E. Tate, Clytie Taylor, Patricia and Stillman Taylor, Ms. Seema J. Tepper, Nena Thayer, Mary Augusta Thomas, Anne Thompson, Betty Thul, Judith Towle, Richard Tron, Linda Tully, Lynn Ubhaus, Diane Ullius, Melissa Unger, Caroline Utz, Susan A. Valley, Barbara and Thomas Van Dyke, John A. Vassallo and Mary Vassallo, Sybil Veeder, Maria Vegega, Andrew Verostek, Gladys A. Villalobos, Pauline Wahl, Marjorie Wallach, Rosemary Lab Walters, Susan Walters, Minnie Warburton, Laurie Warhol, Ashley Warren, Sandra Jean Wasko-Flood, Andrea Watkins, Kimm Watson, Dr. Elissa B. Weaver, Bobbie Weider, Hadassah Ruth Weiner, Tracy Weiser, Renée Weitzner, Alysha Westlake, Maria L. Whelan, Anne Whipple, Susan White, Ashleigh Elizabeth White, Kathleen WhiteheadChurns, Nancy Wieman, Cynthia Wilcox and Sarah Kellogg, Laura and Dale Williams, Jane H. Willis, Jean Wilson, Gladys Wingfield, Amy Winton, Terry Bryant Wise, Barbara Withers, Lynnette Woerne, Carol L. Wolchok, Kathleen Woodcock, Marianne Woods, Laura L. Wong, Leslie A. Woolley, Ruth Wright, Cindi Wynia, Rosemary Wyse, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Rivka Yerushalmi, Cecelia Yoder, Patricia Yosha, Gail Zabowski, Laurie Zastrow, Kate Zehnter, Sophia C. Zetmeir, Nancy Ziegler, Ilene Zweig

Legacy of Women in the Arts Endowment

The museum is deeply grateful to supporters of the Legacy of Women in the Arts Endowment Campaign, whose generosity guarantees that the museum will endure and inspire for generations to come. Although we can only list donations of $10,000 and above (as of November 1, 2023), we are grateful to all donors to the endowment.

Endowment Foundation Trustee ($1 million+) 

Anonymous, Betty B. and Rexford Dettre*, Estate of Grace A. George, Wilhelmina C. and Wallace F. Holladay, Sr.*, Carol* and Climis Lascaris, Estate of Evelyn B. Metzger, The Honorable Mary V. Mochary, Rose Benté Lee Ostapenko*, The Madeleine Rast Charitable Remainder Trust, The Walton Family Foundation

Endowment Foundation Governor ($500,000 to $999,999) 

Noreen M. Ackerman, P. Frederick Albee and Barbara E. Albee*, Catherine L. and Arthur A. Bert, M.D., J.W. Kaempfer, Jr., Nelleke Langhout-Nix*, Joe R. and Teresa L.* Long, James R. and Suzanne S. Mellor, National Endowment for the Humanities, Drs. A. Jess and Ben Shenson*, MaryRoss Taylor, Alice W. and Gordon T.* West, Jr

Endowment Foundation Fellow ($200,000 to $499,999)

Catharina B. and Livingston L. Biddle, Jr.*, Marcia and Frank* Carlucci Charitable Foundation, Costa del Sol Cruise, Kenneth P. Dutter, Estate of E. Louise Gaudet, Lorraine G. Grace*, William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Estate of Eleanor Heller, Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston*/The Shenson Foundation, in memory of Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson, Dorothy S. Lyddon*/Seven Springs Foundation, Marlene McArthur and Frederic V.* Malek, Victoria J. Mastrobuono*, Sea Goddess I and II Trips, Alejandra and Enrique Segura, Sheila and Richard Shaffer, Clarice Smith*, Elzbieta Chlopecka Vande Sande

Endowment Foundation Counselor ($100,000 to $199,999) 

Gina and Eugene Adams, Janice L. and Harold L. Adams, Nunda and Prakash Ambegaonkar, Carol C. Ballard, Baltic Cruise, Charlotte Clay Buxton, Eleanor and Nicholas D. Chabraja, Clark Charitable Foundation, Hilda and William B. Clayman, Julia B. and Michael M. Connors, Martha Lyn Dippell and Daniel Lynn Korengold, Gerry E. and S. Paul* Ehrlich, Jr., Enterprise Rent-A-Car, FedEx Corporation, The Geiger Family Foundation, Barbara A. Gurwitz and William D. Hall, Caroline Rose Hunt*/ The Sands Foundation, Cindy and Evan Jones, Alice D. Kaplan, Dorothy* and Raymond LeBlanc, Lucia Woods Lindley*, Gladys K. and James W. Lisanby*, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Adrienne B. and John F. Mars, Juliana and Richard E.* May, Bonnie McElveenHunter, Irene Natividad, The Miller and Jeanette Nichols Foundation/Jeannette T. Nichols, Nancy O’Malley*, Lady Pearman, Reinsch Pierce Family Foundation/ Lola C. Reinsch and J. Almont Pierce, Julia Sevilla Somoza, Marsha Brody Shiff, Ann Simmons*, June Speight*, Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn, Mahinder K. and Sharad Tak, Sami and Annie Totah Family Foundation

Endowment Circle ($50,000 to $99,999)

Linda Able Choice*, George* and Ursula Andreas, Arkansas Fifty, Lulu H. Auger*, Virginia Mitchell Bailey*, Sondra D. and Howard M. Bender*/ The Bender Foundation, Inc., Patti Cadby Birch*, Laura Lee and Jack S. Blanton, Sr.*/Scurlock Foundation, Anne R. Bord*, Caroline Boutté, BP Foundation, Inc., M. A. Ruda and Peter J. P. Brickfield*, Margaret C. Boyce Brown*, Martha Buchanan, Sandra and Miles Childers, Mary and Armeane Choksi, Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia, Margaret and David Cole/The Cole Family Foundation, Holland H. Coors*, Porter and Lisa Dawson, Courtenay Eversole, Suzy Finesilver*/The Hertzel and Suzy Finesilver Charitable Foundation, Karen Dixon Fuller*, Alan Glen Family Trust, Peter and Wendy Gowdey, Laura L. Guarisco, Jolynda H. and David M. Halinski, Janie Hathoot, Hap and Winton Holladay, I. Michael and Beth Kasser, William R. and Christine M. Leahy, Louise C. Mino Trust, Zoe H. and James H. Moshovitis, Joan and Lucio A. Noto, Marjorie H. and Philip Odeen, Nancy Bradford Ordway, Katherine D. Ortega, Margaret H. and Jim Perkins, Ramsay D. Potts*, in honor of Veronica R. Potts, Elizabeth Pruet*, Edward Rawson*, Jane S. Schwartz Trust, Jack and Dana* Snyder, Judith Zee Steinberg and Paul J. Hoenmans, Susan and Scott Sterling, Nancy N. and Roger Stevenson, Jr., Jo and Thomas Stribling, Susan and Jim Swartz, Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson Endowed Internship—Texas State Committee of NMWA, Frances and William* Usher, Stuart and Chancy West, Betty Bentsen Winn and Susan Winn Lowry, Yeni Wong

Endowment Patron ($25,000 to $49,999) 

Micheline and Sean* Connery, Stephanie Fein, Sheila ffolliott, Georgia State Committee of NMWA, New York Trip, Mississippi State Committee of NMWA, Northern Trust, Estate of Mary Marvin, Breckinridge Patterson, Chris Petteys*, Lisa and Robert Pumphrey*, Elizabeth A. Sackler, Estate of Madoline W. Shreve, Patti Amanda and Bruce Spivey, Sahil Tak/ST Paper, LLC, in honor of Alice West, In honor of Alice West, Jean and Donald M. Wolf, The Women’s Committee of NMWA

Endowment Sponsor ($15,000 to $24,999)

Deborah G. Carstens, Martha and Homer Gudelsky*, Sally L. Jones, Louise H. Matthews Fund, Lily Y. Tanaka, Liz and Jim Underhill, Elizabeth Welles, Dian Woodner 

Endowment Friend ($10,000 to $14,999)

Carol A. Anderson, Julia and George L. Argyros, Mrs. Joseph T. Beardwood, III, Catherine Bennett and Fred Frailey, Susan G. Berk, Mary Kay Blake, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lynne V. and Richard Cheney, Esther Coopersmith, Darby Foundation, Juliet De Laricheliere*, Jack J. Dreyfus, Jr.*, Patricia M. and Clifford J. Ehrlich, Mary Page and Thomas B. Evans, Lois Lehrman Grass*, Anna Stapleton Henson, Alexine C. and Aaron G. Jackson*, Jan Jessup, Pamela Johnson and Wesley King, Helga and Peter-Hans Keilbach, Howard and Michelle Kessler, Ellen U. and Alfred A. King*, Jacqueline Badger Mars, C. Raymond Marvin, Clyde and Pat Dean McCall, Edwina H. and Charles P. Milner*, Evelyn V. and Robert M. Moore*, Harriet Newbill, Estate of Edythe Bates Old, PepsiCo., Inc., Anne and Chris Reyes, Savannah Trip, Mary Anne B. Stewart, Paula Wallace/ Savannah College of Art and Design Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski, Jean S. and Gordon T. Wells

Individuals and Organizations

Thanks to the many individual donors and organizations who made contributions from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. Your support enables NMWA to develop groundbreaking exhibitions, expand its education, library, and outreach programs, and offer special events to the public. Although we can only list donations of $500 and above, NMWA is thankful for all of its members and friends.


Denise Littlefield Sobel

$100,000 to $499,999

Anonymous, The Davis/Dauray Family Fund, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Jamie S. Gorelick and Richard E. Waldhorn, Institute of Museum and Library Services, MaryRoss Taylor, U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs Program 

$50,000 to $99,999

Anonymous (2), FedEx/Gina Adams, Geiger Family Foundation, Marlene Malek, Jacqueline Badger Mars, Martha Dippell and Daniel Korengold, RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Alice L. Walton Foundation, Patricia and George White

$25,000 to $49,999

The Deborah Buck Foundation, Deborah G. Carstens, Marcia Myers Carlucci, Ashley Davis, Nancy and Marc Duber, Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Foundation, Inc., Elva FerrariGraham, Lois Lehrman Grass*, Grunley Construction Co., The Hayes Foundation, Winton and Hap Holladay, Cindy and Evan Jones, J.W. Kaempfer, Jr., Leo Rosner Foundation, Inc., Lugano Diamonds, Marcia MacArthur, Miller Strategies LLC, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, Laurel and John Rafter, Sheila and Richard Shaffer, Share Fund, Karen and William Sonneborn, Sony Corporation of America, Toni G. and Lee L. Verstandig 

$15,000 to $24,999

Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas, Diane Casey-Landry and Brock Landry, Marcy and Neil Cohen, Robyn D. Collins, Susan and Frank Dunlevy, Augustus and Anne N. Edwards, Susan Goldberg, Pamela Gwaltney, Hobson Lucas Family Foundation, Shelley and Allan Holt, Kristen and George Lund, Dee Ann McIntyre, Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation, The National Cooperative Bank, Laurel M. Nett*, PECO Foundation, Anthony T. and Trisja Malisoff Podesta, Lucretia Adymy Risoleo and Robert S. Risoleo, Stephanie Sale, Alejandra and Enrique Segura, Kathy Sierra, Patti Amanda and Bruce Spivey, Susan Fisher Sterling and Scott Sterling, Ayako Weissman, Carol and Michael Winer, World Bank Community Fund 

$10,000 to $14,999

Anonymous (2), Gail D. Bassin, Bernice E. Colman Trust, Diana T. and Colin H. Brown*, Charlotte and Michael Buxton, Alexis Deutsch-Adler, Ellen Drew, Rosemarie Forsythe, Sue J. Henry and Carter G. Phillips, LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust, Bonnie Loeb, Angela LoRé, Clara M. Lovett, Joanne Ludovici, Esq., Dr. Kathleen A. Maloy and Ms. Heather L. Burns, Linda and Larry Mann, Timothy and Anita McBride, Anne McNulty, The Honorable Mary V. Mochary, Kristine Morris, Nancy Ann Neal, Alison and William Paley, Carol and Gerry Parker, Amanda and Curtis Polk, Elizabeth Robinson, Nancy N. and Roger Stevenson, Jr., Tara Rudman, Steven Scott, Dasha Shenkman OBE, Geri Skirkanich, Robert J. Task, Esq.*, Judy S. Tate and Charles Tate, Nancy Taylor Bubes and Alan Bubes, Deborah Dunklin Tipton, Annie S. Totah, Marichu C. Valencia, Paula S. Wallace 

$5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2), Noreen M. Ackerman, Mark and Kathe Albrecht, Susan Ascher and Paul Kalb, Sue Ann and Ken Berlin, Anne E. Branch, Arlene Begelman, Beth B. Buehlmann, Couture Circle, Lizette Corro, Edward Rubin Estate, Virginia L. Fulton, Belinda de Gaudemar, Monica Greenberg, Ilene S. and Jeffrey S. Gutman, Alan and Bonnie Hammerschlag, Horizon Kinetics LLC, Gale Anne Hurd, The Japan Committee of NMWA, Imogene Jensen, Pamela C. Johnson and Wesley King, Sally and Christopher H. Jones, Alice D. Kaplan, Kenneth and Lisa Kelley, Anne M. Larner and Robert J. Larner, Robin Rosa Laub, Nancy Livingston* and Fred M. Levin, Andrea Lowe, Jerri Mayer, The Mill Foundation, LTD, Russell and Mimsy Lindner, The Massachusetts State Committee of NMWA, Rebecca Matejcek-Chang, Marcia Mau and Frank Moy, Juliana and Richard E.* May, Bonnie McElveen-Hunter and Bynum* Hunter, Cynthia A. McKee, Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation, The Mississippi State Committee of NMWA, Claudia Pensotti Mosca, National Italian American Foundation, Irene Natividad, Mary B. Olch, Kay W. Olson, Nnenna Ella Peters, Sandy Pollack*, San Francisco Advocacy Group of NMWA, Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn, Mahinder and Sharad Tak, Sara and Michelle Vance Waddell, Virginia Voorhees, Donald Zucker

$2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous, Sunny Scully Alsup and William Alsup, Arizona Committee of NMWA, Arkansas Committee of NMWA, Jaquita Ball, Jo Ann Barefoot, Martha Bergman, Catherine Bert and Arthur Bert, M.D., Sharon K. Bigot, Bobbe J. Bridge, Caroline Boutté, Margaret C. Boyce Brown, Katherine and Richard Bruch, Yolanda Bruno, Lisa Cannon and Charles Edison Taylor, Catherine Pendola Tringali Fund, Renee Chodur, CityCenter DC, Marian Cohen, Donna Paolino Coia and Arthur Coia, Colorado State Committee of NMWA, Margaret Conklin and David Sabel, Elizabeth Crane, Lynn Finesilver Crystal, Liz Cullen, Katy Graham Debost, Kitty de Isola and Max Cambana, Pam Del Duca, Sara Jo Victors Dew, Kenneth P. Dutter, Christine Edwards, Gerry Ehrlich, Susanne E. and Clayton W. Eisinger, Barbara L. Elky, Denise J. Fiore, Barbara L. Francis and Robert Musser, Reide Garnett, Lucy Buchanan Garrett, Barbara S. Goldfarb, Greater Kansas City Area Committee of NMWA, Sally Gries, Anjali Gupta, Susan Hairston, Jolynda H. and David M. Halinski, Robin and Jay Hammer, Patricia and E. Bruce Harrison, Gwen and Stu Holliday, Michelle Howard, Susan Borkin, Marissa A. and James Huttinger, Italy Committee of NMWA, The Jane Henson Foundation, Jan V. Jessup, Sheila C. Johnson, Margaret M. Johnston, Audrey and Sheldon Katz, Paulette and David Kessler, Susan W. Klaveness, Arlene Fine Klepper and Martin Klepper, Doris Kloster, Mary Koleski, Carol Denise and Martin Paul Kolsky, P. Koshland, Lisa Koslow, The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation, Inc., Sandra W. and James Langdon, Jr., Nelleke Langhout-Nix*, Cynthia Madden Leitner and Roger* Leitner, Dena Levy, Marc Levy, Maryann Lynch, Elizabeth Marchut Michalski, C. Raymond Marvin, Ellen Stirn Mavec, Toni Ratner Miller, Leila W. Mischer, Dr. Anu M. Mitra, Milica Mitrovich, Sherrill A. Mulhern, New Mexico State Committee of NMWA, Jeannette T. Nichols, The Ohio Advisory Group of NMWA, Jane Olin, Nancy and Eric Olson, Monica T. O’Neill, Anna Parisi-Trone and Robert Trone, Cynthia Paschen, Peru Committee of NMWA, Anna Pfeifer, Jean Porto, Sarah M Pritchard, Martha A. Prumers, Helena Ribe, Barbara Richter, Nina Righter and Glenn Shambroom, Mary Jane Rynd, Joyce E. Scafe, Jackie and Paul Schaeffer, Edwina Sebest, Dr. Cynthia M. Shewan, Lucille E. Simon*, Joan Simon, Lera Smith, Ph.D. and Steven Smith, Heidi Brake Smith, Dot Snyder, Marsha S. Soffer, Judy W. Soley, Southern California State Committee of NMWA, Alyssa K. Mertz and Susan K. Sovel, Dr. Judith K. Stein, Sara Steinfeld, Mary Strauss, Cheryl S. Tague, Brooke Taylor, Texas State Committee of NMWA, Patt Trama, Sarah Bucknell Treco, Frances Usher, Micaëla Van Zwoll and John Green, Johan van Zyl, Harriet L. Warm, Krystyna Wasserman, Amy Weiss, Carolyn Weller, Dr. Tamara White, Karen Wilson, Betty Bentsen Winn, Jean and Donald Wolf, Wyoming State Committee of NMWA, Margot Lurie Zimmerman

$1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (4), Ruth and Sam Alward, Robin M. Andrews, Antonio Antonio, Therese Baker-Degler, Rita Balian, Anne Banfield, Virginia Barbato, Sandra Bass, Kyra Belan, Leslie B. Belzberg, Susan G. and Lee Berk, June Beyer, Melinda Bieber, Lynne Blei, Sandra Bloch, Marjory and William Blumenthal, Tanya Bonakdar, Carolyn Booker, The Honorable Gaylyn N. Boone, Ginger and James Bowen, Mary Boylan, Leonie M. and John R. Brinkema, Jean B. Brown, Melissa and Jason Burnett, Charlotte Anne Cameron, Brenda Daley Carr, Bonnie Carroll, Casey and Jack Carsten, Sara Carter, William Catacosinos, Laura and Guy Cecala, Janet and Maarten Chrispeels, Barbara L. Cohen, Elaine and Kenneth W. Cole, Anna Weatherly and George Contis, Josephine Cooper, Mary Lee Cooper and Robert D’Annucci, Ashley Dabbiere, Daniels Family Charitable Trust, Paul Davis, Doloras E. Davison, Barbara Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Dreyer, Elizabeth and Anthony Enders, Deborah and Philip English, Dawn Espinoza, Mary Evans, Mary Ann Fastook, Kaywin Feldman and Jim Lutz, Jean Fishbeck and Judith Popovich, Karen Fore, Constance S. and Joseph P.* Franklin, Sally Mott and John K. Freeman, Nancy L. Fulton, Dr. Lynn Rothschild Gagnon, Carol and William Gay, Garifallia Georgakopoulos, Marguerite F. Godbold, Paula K. Graham, Sheila and Patrick Gross, Kathleen A. Guinn, Elizabeth and Peter Haaker, Nora Harlow, Anna-Liza and Jeff Harris, Janet Ruth Heller, Jo M. Hendrickson, Madge Green Henry, Bob and Betsy Huffman, Vicky Hughes, Karen Humphrey, Nancy Insprucker, Derek and Gillian Jackson, Diane M. Jacobs, Madelyn Jennings, Melissa Bunnen Jernigan and James Jernigan, JoAnne and Jim Johnson, Ellen Jozoff, Caroline Kaplan and Douglas Clark, Julie Karcis, Kitty Kelley, Thomas Kenan, Jim and Kristine Kennedy, Susan Kennedy and Julie Hewitt, Kathleen Knepper, Alan Kreigel, Mary Lou Laprade, William R. and Christine M. Leahy, Levenger Foundation, Claudette S. Leyden, Bryce Lingo, Joanne Lyman, Nancy Maloney, Ann Walker Marchant, Watters O. Martin, Jr., Janice Mays, Susan McCaskill, Emily Brown McCoy, Debra McLeod, Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden, Joanna Miller, Daniel Miller and Loreen Miller Trust, Helen Mulkeen, Lola M. Muller, Ms. Mary Murphy and Mr. Bill Lynn, Linda Myers, Melissa Nabors, The NAMASTE Foundation, Eva Neumann, Georgine Neureiter, Lynn Nicoletta, Bu Nygrens, Glenda E. Oakley, Kimberly O’Connor, Carol J. Olson, Nancy B. Ordway, Maureen A. Orth, Jeanne Paparazzo, Pamela J. Parizek, Betsy Peitz, Tenley Peterson, Anna Gunnarsson Pfeiffer, Susan Phifer, Elicia Pierno, Ann Marie Pinto, Sue Plattner-Smith, Edith and John Poertner, William Pollak, Dr. Michael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos, K. Shelly Porges and Rich Wilhelm, Miriam Ramos, Jorgen A. Rasmussen, Rebecca Ravenal, Janis S. Reed, Belinda Reusch, Sandra Riggs, Jean W. Roach, Bettye Robertson, Mary Anne Rogers, Emily G. Ross, Anya Royce, Stephanie Russo, Ryan Family Foundation, Julie and Captain David Sapone, Elizabeth Schraft, Lauren and Tim Schrager, Catherine Seibert and Frederick Wright, Dennis Siegner, Sally and John Simms, Sandra Simon, Esther Simplot, Paul and Emily Singer Family Foundation, F. Louise and Wayne Smith, Gene M. Smith and Rachel Atcheson, Linda Watkins Sorkin, Andre Spearman, Richard E. Stafford, Janet Stanley, Dr. Marjorie L. Stein, Gael Storck and Thomas Lykens, Elizabeth Talmadge, Amanda M. Termuhlen, Donna Thal, Julie Towell, Micaela A. Trumbull, Marta Van Loan, Elzbieta Vande Sande, Anne L. von Rosenberg, Laurie Weckel, Candace King Weir, Germaine Giani Weldon, Sandra and Jon Willen, Lucy and Scott Wilson, Gayle Wilson, Christopher and Beverly With, Wanda C. Wood, Ret., Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock, Rhett D. Workman, Carolyn Young, Jan Zahrly 

$500 to $999

Anonymous (2), Diane Abeloff, Ms. Margery Al-Chalabi, Mary Augustiny, Kathy and Thom Barclay, Linda C. Barclay, Sybil Barnes, Karen Bartman, Marie A. Barton, Johanna Baruch, Susan Bass, Jameson Baxter, M. Bekkum, Thomas Beline, Kimberly Berg, Mary Ellen Bergeron, Barbara Berk, Michael Berman, Joyce Blalock, Laura Blanco, Elaine Blaylock, Deanna Boling, Jacquleine Bontemps and Alease Madden, Robert Bramlett, Phyllis Cairns, Yuri Calustro, Kathleen Carey, Ann Sanders Cargill, Ann Carlson, Constance Carter, Karen Castle, Cheryl Chase, Angelo Cicolani and Christine Blair, Sherri Cohen, Shelley Cohn, Mary and Dave Colton, Susan Connelly, Mrs. and Mr. Barbara Cox, Linda and Brad Crosby, Johanna Cummings, Dr. Linda Daniel, Rebecca Davenport, Susan A. Davis, Diana Dean-Spurgeon, Carol A. Delany, Janet L. Denlinger, Barbara Denrich, Denise Dowd and Jill Burton, Eileen Duggan, Kelly and Louise Dunn, MaryLe Emmett, Loretta Fabricant, Sandy Falloon, Ginny Feldman, Joyce M. Flaherty, Helen H. Ford, Marcia Fortes, Brandon Fortune, Daun and Walter Frankland, Deborah Freedman, Virginia Elkin Fuller, Joseph L. Gastwirth, Gunda Georg, The Georgia Committee of NMWA, Angela Gildner, Maria Glover and Derek Ho, Barbara and Rich Gray, Catherine A. Green, Jeri Greenberg, The Greenberg Foundation, The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation, Deborah Greenstein, Ashley Greer, Linda Griggs and William Swedish, Constance Haaser, Lillian Hagen, June Hajjar, Katharine Hammond, John Hanks, Adrienne and Bill Hanna, Newell Harbin, Stephanie Harpst, Sandra Harris, Barbara Hawthorn, Michele and John Hazel, Jo Ann Hearld, Alex Heathcock, Ruth Hemming, Jill Herscot and Andrew Bartley, Lucia Hill, Nancy Hirshbein and Robert Roche, Jennefer A. Hirschberg, Marjorie Hobart, Patricia and Patricia Hoefler, Michele E. Holt, Mary Hunter, Michelle Jeschelnig, Anne and Clay Johnson, Marlene Johnson, Carol Jones, Beverly Kaplan, Linda Kaplan, Dolores Karp, R. Sue Kaufman, MaryJo Keefe, Kathleen and Thomas Kelley, Janet R. Kelly, Peaches Kempner, Lynne Kennedy and Joan Darrah, Leslie J. Kenyon, Cookie Kerxton, Jennifer E. Kiddie, Sarah Kiefer, Elizabeth Klinger, Marta Kipfmueller and Bernard J. Theisen, Charlotte Koenigsaecker, Alice Kuzniak, Arlene Peper La Pierre, Suzanne S. La Pierre, Judy Lampert, Susan Larimer, Ruth and Edward Legum, Margaret and Emily Lenzner, Bari R. and Keith D. Levingston, Peggy Lidstad, Cathie Linton, Donna Lippman, Elizabeth and Jan Lodal, Liz Minyard Lokey, Alma Long, William Looney, David Loring, Brenda Lowe, Elizabeth Lutes, Carol MacGregor, Marcia Macharg, Anne H. Magoun, Priscilla W. and Joe R. Martin, Linda Mayer, Sally Mayer, Pamela and Michael McCarthy, Lorraine M. McDonnell and M. Stephen Weatherford*, Tracy B. McGillivary, Laurie E. McNeil and Patrick W. Wallace, Suzanne McQuaide, Arlene Meadows, Elizabeth G. Menaghan, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Meyer, The NMWA Advisory Board Mid-Atlantic Committee, Nora Miller, Nancy and Lawrence Moore, Twig Murray, Mike O’Connor, Madeline and Allan Olson, The Cormac and Moira O’Malley Fund, Jill Over, Judson Parsons and Diana Gardener, Rebecca J. Parsons, Mary Ann Pemberton, Marta M. Pereyma, Molly Peter, Lori Peters and Justin Bukowski, Jeanette Petite and Michael James Petite, Margie Pietz, Gabe Podesta, Margaret R. Polson, Victoria Pope, Deborah Porter, Janet Powers, Debra Price, Isabel Rauch, Margaret Reichard, Tanya Renne and Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Susan Resnik, H. F. Richardson, Ms. Betsy A. Ritz, Diane C. Robertson, Gary Roper, Judy Rosenberg, Allen Salyer, Christopher S. Sargent, Rita Schoeny and Mary Rieger, Anikó G. Schott, Francesca Schwartz, Karen Schwartz, Margaret Scott, Jocelyn Selig, Renee Shea, Dianna Shomaker, Jennifer L. Sigler, Andrea Roane and Michael Skehan, Kristin Smith, Monica Smith, Elizabeth and Eric Stahl, Pegge M Steele, Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancer, A. Stevens, Ann Strand and Stephen Shapiro, Douglas K. Struck, M. Elizabeth Swope, Jan Talley, Alethea Taylor, Sarah Shell Teague, Mary and Charles Teeple, Abigail B. Test, Jane Thompson, Patricia and Ellen Tice, Sofia Trumper, Donna Turlinski, Stephen Turow and Linda Blumberg, Patricia Vanderbeke, Rosa Ines Vera and Joseph Carey, HelenBeth Vilcek, Mark and Sonja Wagner, Adam Warshavsky, Carolyn L. Wheeler, Mary White, Virginia and Robert Wierman, Suzanna Wight Kelley, Britt-Mari Wisniewski, Regina Bilotta Witkin, Anne Wright-Wilson, Annmarie Zimmerman, Elizabeth Zipp

The Wilhelmina and Wallace Holladay Legacy Society

We extend sincere thanks to the following donors, who have informed the museum of their commitment to support us through planned giving. The Wilhelmina and Wallace Holladay Legacy Society recognizes our founders as well as our dedicated friends who ensure that NMWA’s mission will thrive for generations.

Anonymous (48), Marlene J. Adrian* and Denise R. Duarte, Susan Aitcheson and Michael Guertin, Sunny Alsup, Alyssa H. Arute, Renée Bash, Ms. Kimberley L. Boyd, Marilyn Brendel Brooks, Beth B. Buehlmann, Jan S. Carr, Shelley Carton, Diana S. Dean-Spurgeon, Sara Jo Victors Dew, Kenneth P. Dutter, Margaret Dzwilewski, Sylvia B. Fatzer, Michele Garside, PhD, Deborah Porter Glenn, Barbara Gurwitz and William Hall, Ms. Alice Haddix, Margaret Hayes, Tamora Ilasat, Jan Jessup, Suzanne Johnson, Alice D. Kaplan, Florence Katz, Charleen Kavleski, Rita Marie Kepner, PhD & John Matthiesen in memory of Lisa T. Painter, Cynthia L. Korte, Stuart and Barbara Kreisberg, Sally G. Lefler, Debra Light, Judith A. Lindquist, Marcia MacArthur, Melody Marks, Janet Meister, Mme. Gail B. Meyers, Kristine Morris, Marcia Morse, Diane E. Mularz, Nancy Ann Neal, Yvonne S. Olson, Jill W. Over, Cathy and Bill Pastor, Roseanne Marie Peters, Anthony Podesta, Joyce D. Portnoy, Mary H. Railsback* and Joel L. Ekstrom*, Hedy M. Ratner, Markley Roberts in memory of Jeanne Addison Roberts, Synthia Saint James, Michelle and Jonathan Sales, Christopher S. Sargent, Lois Shelton, Syndi Ann Shollenberger, Sandra Sider, Linda Watkins Sorkin, Shirley A. Sparr, Carol A. Talbeck and Gale A. Townsley, Jessica Tava, Sandra Gleichman Thompson, In honor of Rose Marcus Tobey, Harriette Treloar, Barbara Burnett Vater, Gail Waechter* and Paula Mack, Harriet L. Warm, Mary Lee Wood, Margot Lurie Zimmerman

* Deceased

The museum strives to ensure the accuracy of donor information. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Contact 1-866-875-4627 with changes or questions.