NMWA xChange: Remembering Those Lost

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Tue, Dec 14, 2021
12 to 12:45 pm

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Free. Registration required. 



The National Mall with the Washington Monument in the background and thousands of small white flags arrayed across the grassy lawn, seen from above to emphasize their vast number.
Join as hosts from the museum interview special guests, consider topics relevant to our world, and offer insight into collaborations.

Event Description

Remembering Those Lost

This monthly talk show, a spin-off of the 2021 GLAMi award-winning series BMA x NMWA, connects viewers to NMWA and its mission to champion women artists. Join us as hosts from the museum interview special guests, including artists, educators and curators; consider topics relevant to our world; and offer insight into collaborations that the museum is fostering while its building is closed for renovation.

In this episode of NMWA xChange, NMWA’s Associate Curator Virginia Treanor, PhD, and Senior Educator Adrienne L. Gayoso welcome Washington, D.C.-area artist and advocate Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg to discuss her recent exhibition In America: Remember. This installation, which was on view from September 17 through October 3, 2021, blanketed the National Mall with over 700,000 white flags, visualizing the magnitude of our loss as a nation, while honoring each person in the U.S. who has died from COVID-19.

Firstenberg will share more about In America: Remember—including its fall 2020 precursor project installed near RFK stadium in NE Washington, D.C., In America: How Could This Happen? She will also discuss the partners and volunteers who made the project possible and what the plans are for the thousands of flags that were personalized by grieving family and friends—and her future projects.