NMWA xChange: Past, Present, Future with Dianne Smith

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Event Date and Time

Tue, Oct 11, 2022
12:00 to 12:45 pm ET

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Free. Registration required.



A medium-dark skinned adult woman wearing all black—a fur hat, sunglasses, boots, and a long, voluminous coat—walks on a sidewalk toward the viewer. Black and white images of people and buildings in Harlem from the early 20th century are layered over the woman.
Join as hosts from the museum interview special guests, consider topics relevant to our world, and offer insight into collaborations.

Event Description

Past, Present, Future with Dianne Smith

The National Museum of Women in the Arts’s (NMWA) monthly talk show connects viewers to the museum and its mission to champion women artists.

In this episode, artist Dianne Smith discusses her provocative and meaningful imagery that challenges the viewer to see and consider pure color, movement, and organic shapes. Her minimalist abstracts, sculptures, and installations represent her inner connection to self, which reflects the artistic and spiritual journey that has enabled her to find her voice as an artist. While her work is rooted in her African origins, its purpose is more universal. She says, “Human civilizations and cultures all have Africa as their mother and are therefore more similar than we realize. I want my work to justly portray that connection, the essence of human existence, and thereby possibly affecting the whole of humankind for the better.”

For more information, email education@nmwa.org.