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NMWA xChange: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Tue, Oct 12, 2021
12 to 12:45 pm

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Free. Registration required. 



A smooth, glazed, black clay vessel shaped like a two-liter soda bottle.
Join as hosts from the museum interview special guests, consider topics relevant to our world, and offer insight into collaborations.

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About the Event

This monthly talk show, a spin-off of the 2021 GLAMi award-winning series BMA x NMWA, connects viewers to NMWA and its mission to champion women artists. Join as hosts from the museum interview special guests including artists, educators and curators; consider topics relevant to our world; and offer insight into collaborations that NMWA is fostering while its building is closed for renovation.

In this episode of NMWA xChange, the museum’s associate curator Virginia Treanor, PhD, and senior educator Adrienne L. Gayoso welcome conceptual artist Jami Porter Lara, to discuss her blackware vessels in NMWA’s collection as well as her current work that investigates and critiques whiteness. Her solo show Jami Porter Lara: Terms & Conditions, on view at Gerald Peters Gallery (Santa Fe, N.M.) through October 15, 2021, addresses the role of white women in the reproduction and maintenance of white dominance.

Porter Lara’s body of work explores the ways humans use ideas about what is “natural” to naturalize human political constructs. Through a broad range of mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, sign making, sewing and embroidery, Porter Lara considers how fictions of identity create lived reality.