She Who Tells a Story Audio Guide

A couple sitting in a burned-out car in wedding finery, they look directly at the camera with neutral or stricken expressions.
Enjoy an audio companion to She Who Tells a Story.

Explore She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World through in-depth discussions from the curators and some of the artists featured in the exhibition. Hear the artists tell their stories in their own voices.

Curator Introductions

Kathryn Wat

Chief Curator, National Museum of Women in the Arts
Wat discusses how women artists are at the forefront of photo-based art and how the exhibition provides a fresh perspective on women in the Middle East.

Kristen Gresh

Curator of Photographs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Gresh introduces the three themes of She Who Tells a Story and how the exhibition formed.

Hear from the Artists

Boushra Almutakawel

Untitled, from the series “The Hijab,” 2001

Almutakawel discusses her photograph of a young woman posing with a head covering, or hijab, made from the U.S. flag.

“Mother, Daughter, Doll” series, 2010

Almutakawel explores a trend toward the excessive covering of women and girls’ bodies in some parts of the Middle East.

Tanya Habjouqa

Untitled, from the series “Women of Gaza,” 2009

Habjouqa chooses to portray “human stories” and focus on women as subjects in her series “Women of Gaza.

Untitled, from the series “Women of Gaza,” 2009

Habjouqa explores moments of joy for young Palestinian students.

Untitled, from the series “Women of Gaza,” 2009

Habjouqa describes how a Gazan university student seated on a bench grabbed her attention.

Untitled, from the series “Women of Gaza,” 2009

Habjouqa examines women’s resilience and pursuit of joy in a war zone.

Untitled, from the series “Women of Gaza,” 2009

Habjouqa discusses her photograph of young women at a public gym and the significance of their dress.

Rula Halawani

Untitled VI, from the series “Negative Incursions,” 2002

Halawani discusses her records of a deadly invasion in the West Bank

Rania Matar

Reem, Doha, Lebanon, from the series “A Girl and Her Room,” 2009

Matar discusses the universal experience of growing up.