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Maria Sibylla Merian, Plate 70 from Dissertation in Insect Generations and Metamorphosis in Surinam, 1719; Gift of Wallace and Wilhelmina Holladay

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MAY 01–AUG 16 2015

Casting a Spell: Ceramics by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Employed as a designer at the Wedgwood pottery company from 1909 to 1931, Daisy Makeig-Jones (1881–1945) melded technical ingenuity with vivid imagination to develop decorative china called Fairyland Lusterware. Makeig-Jones’s fascination with fairy tales and myths from around the world inspired her brightly colored, intricate designs featuring fairies, imps, and goblins, with which she covered the interiors and exteriors of bowls, vases, cups, and boxes. Featuring 38 outstanding works from a private collection, Daisy Makeig-Jones reflects upon the artist’s place in the history of decorative arts as well as her identity as a modern woman and artist.

MAY 11–NOV 13 2015

Vanessa Bell’s Hogarth Press Designs

Vanessa Bell (1879–1961) was an English painter, designer, and important member of the Bloomsbury roup, a cluster of culturally influential figures in early 20th-century London. Throughout her career she designed many book jackets and illustrations for Hogarth Press, a British publishing house founded by Bell’s sister, author Virginia Woolf, and Leonard Woolf. On view at the Library and Research Center, this exhibition showcases several examples of Bell’s exquisite, yet simple, designs.

JUN 05–SEP 13 2015

Organic Matters—Women to Watch 2015

Depictions of nature can illuminate themes of sexuality, gender politics, the abject, and the sublime. In the fourth installment of the NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition series, contemporary artists use imagery and materials taken from the natural world. The works on view recontextualize images of plants and animals and redefine the relationships between women, nature, and art. Calling to mind entrenched associations of women with nature, the exhibition opens a dialogue about these traditional views.

JUN 05–SEP 13 2015

Super Natural

Rather than merely document beauty, artists in Super Natural engage with nature as a space for exploration and invention. Historical painters and naturalists focused on the singularity or strangeness of plant and animal specimens, sometimes adding narrative details and imagined settings. The exhibition juxtaposes their works with photographs, books, and videos by contemporary artists who share their artistic foremothers’ uninhibited view of flora and fauna. Maria Sibylla Merian, Rachel Ruysch, Mary Vaux Walcott, Ana Mendieta, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Janaina Tschäpe, Elisabetta Gut, and others illuminate women artists’ unrestrained absorption with nature.