Year in Review 2022

Close-up view of ornate gold and crystal chandeliers in the museum's Great Hall. The camera is focused on the chandelier in the foreground and the rest is out of focus.

What’s Inside

  • Achievements from the recent fiscal year in exhibitions, engagement, and more
  • Recent collection growth
  • Financial statements
  • Thanks to the members and friends who make our work possible

Related Quote

I was moved by three central themes: the act of being physically replanted through migration or displacement, the regeneration of our precious environment, and personal reinvention as we evolve through life’s chapters and experience post-traumatic growth.”
MISS CHELOVE, on her work Reseeded: A Forest Floor Flow
A woman with medium skin tone with long dark hard, sunglasses, and a black shirt stands in front of the exterior of the museum and the large, colorful mural on the front.
MISS CHELOVE in front of her installation Reseeded: A Forest Floor Flow, 2022; Printed mesh, 60 x 48 ft.; Commissioned by the National Museum of Women in the Arts with support provided by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities; © 2022 MISS CHELOVE; Photo by Kevin Allen

FY22 Fun Facts

  • After NMWA’s building closed for renovation, more than 40 artworks from the collection went on view in our region and around the world through the Collection on the Move initiative.
  • Virtual field trips for K–12 and college students reached 465 learners.
  • The museum’s website had more than 1.4 million page views.
  • NMWA’s art collection grew by 138 works: 22 photographs, 30 paintings, 16 sculptures, 12 mixed-media works, 3 multiples, 7 drawings, and 48 prints.