In the News

  • Nov 02 2016


    WETA Around Town—Janis Goodman and Peter Winant join WETA Around Town host Robert Aubry Davis to discuss the exhibit “No Man's Land.”
  • Oct 26 2016

    East City Art Reviews: No Man’s Land

    East City Art—No Man’s Land presents an intriguing conundrum wrapped in swirling colors: how to showcase the viewpoint of women artists...
  • Oct 22 2016

    Women in the Museum World

    The New York Times—While there is certainly cause for optimism, as Sonnet Stanfill states in her article
  • Oct 17 2016


    BmoreArt—Male artists have dominated the female body for centuries in cultures across the world.
  • Oct 14 2016

    “No Man's Land” Challenges the Patriarchy of the Art World

    Washington City Paper—The exhibition at NMWA is more than just a glimpse of a staggering private collection.
  • Oct 12 2016

    What We’re Doing About Gender Inequality In The Arts

    Huffington Post—The issue of gender inequality in the art world is bubbling up more frequently and receiving increased traditional and social media coverage.