Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of civic, community, diplomatic and business leaders who support the Museum’s mission to champion women through the arts.

Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, Chair of the Board
Winton S. Holladay, Vice-Chair of the Board
Martha Dippell, President
Gina F. Adams, First Vice President
Susan Goldberg, Second Vice President
Rose Carter, Secretary
Pamela Parizek, Audit Chair
Marcia Myers Carlucci, Building Chair
Amy Weiss, Communications Chair
Carol Matthews Lascaris, President Emerita and Endowment Chair
Sheila Shaffer, Finance Chair
Ashley Davis, Government Relations Chair
Nancy Duber, Nominations Chair
Nancy Nelson Stevenson, Works of Art Chair
Susan Fisher Sterling, Alice West Director*

Janice Lindhurst Adams
Charlotte Clay Buxton
Diane Casey-Landry
Lizette Corro
Betty Boyd Dettre
Deborah I. Dingell
Anjali Gupta
Cindy Jones
Sally L. Jones
Marlene Malek
Jacqueline Badger Mars
Juliana E. May
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Mary V. Mochary
Jackie Quillen
Stephanie Sale
Julie Sapone*
Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn
Jessica H. Sterchi
Joanne Stringer
Mahinder Tak
Annie S. Totah
Sarah Bucknell Treco*
Frances Luessenhop Usher
Ruthanna Maxwell Weber
Alice West
Patti White

As of December 2019

* Ex Officio 

National Museum of Women in the Arts