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Oblique view of gallery with a Baroque painting of the Madonna and Child in a gilded frame on magenta wall at right. In the distance, three more framed works hang on the same wall. Painting on the adjacent white wal is of a reclining figure with a bandage on chest.

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Staff list by department


  • Susan Fisher Sterling, Alice West Director
  • Brittany Alexander, Assistant to the Director
  • Gordon Umbarger, Director of Operations
  • Nia Gómez, Operations Coordinator
  • Alicia Lyons, IT Coordinator
  • Glenn McPhee, IT Coordinator
  • Mike Barreto, Building Engineer
  • Sharon Boyd-Blue, Receptionist

Communications & Marketing

  • Amy Mannarino, Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Emma Filar, Communications and Marketing Manager


  • Kathryn Wat, Deputy Director for Art, Programs and Public Engagement/Chief Curator
  • Virginia Treanor, Associate Curator
  • Krystyna Wasserman, Curator Emerita of Book Arts
  • Orin Zahra, Assistant Curator
  • Hannah Shambroom, Exhibition Coordinator
  • Catherine Bade, Registrar
  • Neda Amouzadeh, Assistant Registrar
  • Greg Angelone, Chief Preparator

Development and Membership

  • Christina Knowles, Director of Development, Annual Giving and Membership
  • Carolyn Higgins, Senior Membership Manager
  • Meropi “Mimi” Plato, Manager of Email Fundraising and Engagement
  • Melissa Sheinman, Manager of Development Data and Reporting
  • Elizabeth Mondragon-Groff, Development Operations Associate
  • Lindsay Canting, Development Coordinator
  • Sessalie Gore, Development Assistant, Donor Relations
  • Ilene Gutman, Deputy Director, National and International Outreach
  • Grace DeWitt, National and International Outreach Programs Coordinator
  • Ellen Pollak, Foundation, Corporation & Government Support Officer
  • Gala Cude-Pacheco, Program and Grants Coordinator
  • Fiona McNally, Senior Development Officer
  • Kandra Bolden, Development Associate

Digital Engagement

  • Laura Hoffman, Director of Digital Engagement
  • Laura Devereux, Digital Content Manager
  • Adrienne Poon, Digital Content Coordinator
  • Traci Christensen, Digital Product Specialist
  • Taylor Morris, Digital Engagement Assistant


  • Deborah L. Gaston, Director of Education and Interpretation
  • Adrienne (Addie) L. Gayoso, Senior Educator
  • Ashley W. Harris, Associate Educator


  • Pamela Ayres, Deputy Director for Finance and Operations
  • Seema Mishra Osielski, Director of Human Resources and Payroll
  • Danita Robinson, Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Bruce Banks, Accountant

Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center

  • Lynora Williams, Director of the Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center
  • Tricia Glaser, Librarian
  • Emily Shaw, Digital Asset Manager
  • Kate Seno Bradshaw, Library Assistant

Museum Shop

  • Adriana Regalado, Director of Retail Operations
  • Thomas (Tom) Kinsella, Retail Operations Lead Visual Designer

Public Programs

  • Melani Douglass, Director of Public Programs
  • Amanda Vercruysse, Public Programs Manager


  • Elizabeth Lynch, Director of Publications
  • Alicia Gregory, Assistant Editor


  • Douglas K. Beaver, Director of Security

Special Events

  • Lori Brubaker Smith, Director of Special Events
  • Meredith Chandler, Special Events Manager

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