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Purple Datura

Close up of Purple Datura

Close-up photograph shows a trumpet-shaped flower against a dark black background. The flower's striated long neck erupts in a profusion of purple and white petals that dominate the composition.

Amy Lamb, Purple Datura, 2015; Digital pigment print of photograph, 34 x 34 in.; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of the Artist and Steven Scott Gallery, Baltimore; © 2015 Amy Lamb, all rights reserved.

Purple Datura
Amy Lamb

Photographer Amy Lamb identifies images like Purple Datura as portraits because she seeks to capture the essence of a plant. “I often print my images very large to allow the viewer to delve into the visual ‘soul’ of the flower,” she says.

Here, Lamb’s skillful handling of light and shadow focuses attention on the intricacies of this trumpet-shaped bloom. The datura’s striated neck erupts in a profusion of flamboyantly rippling petals, which dominate the composition. Its variegated purples and whites pop against an inky black background, lending clarity to the complex contours.

Originally a molecular biologist, Lamb creates images that reflect her fascination with biodiversity, especially how and why plants evolved their distinctive forms and colors.  “Humans often take for granted the amazing engineering that goes into plants,” she says. “My mission is to share the beauty and magnificence of the actual structures.”

Artwork Details

  • Artist

    Amy Lamb
  • Title

    Purple Datura
  • Date

  • Medium

    Digital pigment print of photograph
  • Dimensions

    34 x 34 in.
  • Donor Credit

    Gift of the Artist and Steven Scott Gallery, Baltimore
  • Photo Credit

    © 2015 Amy Lamb, all rights reserved.
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