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Announcing the New nmwa.org

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Wide angle view showing a full gallery. The floor is a dark gray carpet and there are two columns, through which large scale works in vibrant colors are visible.

NMWA announces the launch of a redesigned, mobile-friendly website at https://nmwa.org. An eleven-month project in collaboration with the Orlando-based creative agency Purple Rock Scissors, the new website features simplified, intuitive navigation and a contemporary design that places the museum’s art, artists, and advocacy at center stage.

A screenshot of a website page. A photograph of a white sculpture, in the shape of a female body and painted with colorful circular patterns on the breasts and belly, spans the length of the site. Beneath it is a solid teal square that reads "Champion Women Through the Arts.”
The new https://nmwa.org homepage

The new site is customizable, flexible, and responsive. It also brings NMWA’s technical infrastructure up to date. In consultation with accessibility experts at Prime Access Consulting, the new site was developed and built according to the latest guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative. This ensures that all digital visitors, regardless of ability or assistive technology, are able to access and enjoy our resources. Additional work to ensure all images and documents on the site are accessible is ongoing and will become part of the web team’s permanent workflow.

Simplified content architecture helps visitors find what they need and encourages exploration and discovery. Enhanced exhibition pages unite related content like artist profiles, blog posts, events, large-print object labels, and audio guides in one engaging format. A filterable calendar presents the museum’s schedule of gallery talks, tours, and public programs. A new “In Your Region” page lists current exhibitions featuring women artists around the world. Resources from museum educators and the Betty Boyd Dettre Library and Research Center are presented in easily findable and downloadable formats.

The site’s bright and dynamic design powerfully communicates the museum’s offerings: inspirational art by women, thought-provoking programs, and high-impact advocacy. The design features large photographs, including new detail imagery of selected collection artworks, the galleries, and the museum’s historic building. Through this format, users will feel closer to the experience of viewing artworks in person.

A screenshot of a website page. A photograph of a painting, in which dark-skinned women dance against a patterned red and gold background, spans the length of the site. A quote about gender parity in the museum is written on a yellow background next to the painting.
The new website emphasizes the museums advocacy efforts for gender equity in the arts

NMWA’s advocacy for women in the arts is woven throughout the site. Statistics that lay bare the art world’s gender disparity appear in engaging color blocks and infographics. Bold colors underscore the enthusiasm and energy behind the museum’s mission. Pages on NMWA’s advocacy initiatives, including the #5WomenArtists campaign; Women to Watch exhibition series; and Women, Arts, and Social Change public programs initiative, are enhanced by embedded social media feeds that gather content shared by participants.

Other enhancements include Broad Strokes blog content fully integrated into the main site, making it easier to discover expanded information about artists, artworks and exhibitions. Future enhancements will include the design of a custom online exhibition template and transformation of the popular “See For Yourself” learning cards into an interactive format.

The site’s updated infrastructure will ensure that the museum’s digital presence remains fresh and flexible for years to come. Look around for changes the next time you visit https://nmwa.org!

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