Céline Marie Tabary

View of the museum from outside showing the Neoclassical building from one corner. The building is a tan-colored stone with an arched doorway, long vertical windows, and detailed molding around the roof.

Artist Friendships: Loïs Mailou Jones and Céline Tabary

Posted: May 8, 2017
Category: Céline Marie Tabary
Inspired by the special exhibition New Ground: The Southwest of Maria Martinez and Laura Gilpin, we are celebrating famous artist friendships, like the one between Loïs Mailou Jones and Céline...
Beneath a soft blue sky, a picturesque village nestles in a valley between a river in the extreme foreground and verdant mountains. Combining loose and discrete brushstrokes with a palette of greens and golds, the painting recalls Paul Cézanne’s late 19th-century landscapes.

5 Fast Facts: Loïs Mailou Jones

Posted: March 17, 2017
Category: Céline Marie Tabary
Impress your friends with five fast facts about Loïs Mailou Jones, whose work is on view in NMWA’s collection galleries.
Semi-abstract composition in shades of blue, orange, yellow, green, grey, white and burgundy. In the center, an orange oval with a black and white eye in the center, supported by symmetrical strips of semi-circles and diamonds. Vertical blocks of color reach upwards on both sides.