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Janaina Tschäpe

View of the museum from outside showing the Neoclassical building from one corner. The building is a tan-colored stone with an arched doorway, long vertical windows, and detailed molding around the roof.

Landscape of Change: Janaina Tschäpe’s “100 Little Deaths”

Posted: October 15, 2019
Category: Janaina Tschäpe
Janaina Tschäpe began her "100 Little Deaths" series in 1996 as an exploration of landscape, transmutation, and death. Each self-portrait depicts the artist sprawled face down in different environments around...
Three artists credit groundbreaking 17th-century artist and scientist Maria Sibylla Merian, whose work is also on view in Super Natural, as a major influence on their performances, photography, videos, and...
Close-up photograph shows a trumpet-shaped flower against a dark black background. The flower's striated, long neck erupts in a profusion of purple and white petals that dominate the composition.

Women with Wanderlust

Posted: June 10, 2015
Category: Janaina Tschäpe
During the press preview for Super Natural, NMWA Chief Curator Kathryn Wat stressed one fact above all others about featured artist Maria Sibylla Merian: this woman was radical. Not only...
A detailed engraving portrays a large, black and tan lizard with a white belly in precise detail. Facing right and positioned over a green surface and a hatching egg, the reptile bites a long, red and black snake attacking another egg and curling around the lizard's tail.

Uncommon Ground: Summer Exhibitions at NMWA

Posted: May 15, 2015
Category: Janaina Tschäpe
What is natural? Porcelain grass lawns and anthropomorphic scooters may not be the first objects to come to mind, although they are likely to make a lasting impression. Visitors can...
Detail photograph of ceramic sculpture made to look like a patch of lawn. Individual squares consisting of multiple upright blades of porcelain grass, glazed green, fit together to form a lush rectangular field of grass.

Artist Spotlight: Janaina Tschäpe, Goddess of Water and Melancholy

Posted: July 28, 2014
Category: Janaina Tschäpe
Learn more about artist Janaina Tschäpe, who is known for Lacrimacorpus (Zeitschneide) and whose work is featured in the NMWA collection.
An adult woman seen from behind standing before two open glass doors leading out to a balcony overlooking greenery. She is dressed in a long, tan, period gown and her hair is tied up. Around her shoulders are several clear bubbles, resembling a scarf made of bubbles.