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Women Arts And Social Change

View of the museum from outside showing the Neoclassical building from one corner. The building is a tan-colored stone with an arched doorway, long vertical windows, and detailed molding around the roof.

Meet Fresh Talk Speaker Ayana Flewellen

Posted: June 25, 2019
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
By applying understandings of gender, class, and race to preconceived history, Dr. Ayana Flewellen has become a leading figure for intersectional anthropology and the growing field of black feminist archaeology.

Meet Fresh Talk Speaker Hilary Sample

Posted: April 24, 2019
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
Get to know Hilary Sample, principal architect at MOS, who spoke at Fresh Talk: Writing the Balance, a talk about rewriting history's predominant narratives.
A light-skinned woman with short, chin-length straight brown hair sits on a plush grey chair on what looks like s stage. She looks out to the left and is seemingly mid-sentence. Her legs are crossed and she wears a long sleeveless grey shirt over black pants.

Superwomen Assemble: Meet the Women Saving Comics

Posted: June 12, 2017
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
FRESH TALK: Who are the new superwomen of the universe? on June 14 will show how comics, in particular, can highlight what a society values through the heroes they revere.
A woman with a dark skin tone is standing in front of a white background giving a speech by a wooden podium. On a banner, the text reads "National Museum of Women in the Arts."

Setting the Stage with Sibyl Edwards: Women, Arts, and Tech

Posted: February 25, 2016
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
The Women, Arts, and Social Change community is gearing up for the next FRESH TALK event at NMWA, confronting questions about women’s innovations in science and technology fields. Sibyl Edwards, a...
A color photograph of a brightly lit auditorium. Smiling women take up almost every seat. Some are taking photos of the stage with their phone; others lean together in conversation.

Designing Conversations for Change

Posted: February 8, 2016
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
Braving post-blizzard traffic conditions in D.C., nearly 100 guests attended the museum’s third FRESH TALK—part of the new public programs initiative Women, Arts, and Social Change. On Wednesday, January 27,...
Two light-skinned women with long brown hair sit in a full auditorium. They are both laughing.

Blurring Boundaries: Contemporary Design

Posted: January 25, 2016
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
On January 27, as part of the museum’s Women, Arts, and Social Change initiative, artist Gabriel Ann Maher and Alice Rawsthorn continue the discussion surrounding the question “Can design be...
Three light skinned women sit in an auditorium. The woman in the center looks at the stage, the two women on either side of her look down at their programs.

Carrie Mae Weems and the Art of Change

Posted: December 2, 2015
Category: Women Arts And Social Change
In September, the National Museum of Women in the Arts launched a new public programs initiative, Women, Arts, and Social Change, focusing on women and the arts as catalysts for...
A woman with a medium-dark skin tone and shirt, black hair is giving a lecture before a white banner reading "National Museum of Women in the Arts." She is wearing a forest-green dress and slightly bends her body towards her right.