Yani Pecanins


Artist Details

Birth Place
Mexico City
Artists’ books; Painting; Drawing and prints; Installations
Places of Residence
Mexico City
NMWA Exhibitions

Trove: The Collection in Depth, 2011
Hard Copy, 2009
Moveable Feast, 2008
The Book as Art: Twenty Years of Artists’ Books from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2006–07
Book as Art XV, 2004


About the Artist

Book artist Yani Pecanins sought to construct her own visual language through the use of everyday objects—such as plates, spoons, clothing, photographs, shoes, needles, and thread.

Born in Mexico to immigrant German and Catalan parents, Pecanins grew up in a family dedicated to the arts. Her mother owned an art gallery and saw to it that her daughter was immersed in the arts at a young age.

Pecanins began her professional work in the book arts in 1977, when she established the home-based publishing project Cocina Ediciones to edit, design, print, and produce artists’ books, visual books, and artists’ portfolios. In 1980, Pecanins began to create her own books, combining photographs, old letters, and found objects to consider themes of exile, isolation, and loss. With calligraphy, she explored sensations, intimacy, her inner world, and that of others.

National Museum of Women in the Arts