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A vaguely conical-shaped sculpture comprising textured shreds of crimson paper that appear to be swirling together to creating a receding vortex.
Echiko Ohira, Untitled (red #1), 2018; Courtesy of the artist; Photo by Gene Ogami

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OCT 08–JAN 18 2020

Paper Routes—Women to Watch 2020

Paper Routes, the sixth installment of NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition series, showcases the transformation of paper into complex works of art. Artists use paper not merely as a support for drawings, prints, or photographs, but as a medium itself. Ranging in size from minutely detailed, small-scale works to large, sculptural installations, this exhibition explores artists’ ability to transform paper into a surprising array of shapes and structures. First presented in 2008, Women to Watch is a dynamic collaboration between the museum and its national and international outreach committees


Sonya Clark: Tatter, Bristle, and Mend

Textile and social practice artist Sonya Clark (b. 1967) is renowned for her mixed-media works that address race and visibility, explore blackness, and reimagine history. This exhibition—the first survey of Clark’s 25-year career—includes the artist’s well-known sculptures made from black pocket combs, human hair, and thread as well as works made from flags, currency, beads, sugar, cotton plants, pencils, books, a typewriter, and a hair salon chair. The artist transmutes each of these everyday objects through her application of a vast range of fiber-art techniques: Clark weaves, stitches, folds, braids, dyes, pulls, twists, presses, snips, or ties within each work. By stitching black thread cornrows and Bantu knots onto fabrics, rolling human hair into necklaces, and stringing a violin bow with a dreadlock, Clark manifests ancestral bonds and reasserts the black presence in histories from which it has been pointedly omitted.

National Museum of Women in the Arts