Urgent Museum Notice

Summer 2017 Magazine

Side-by-side composition of multiple magazine covers published by the museum. All covers have a featured image followed by the text, 'Women in the Arts.'

What’s Inside

The summer 2017 issue of Women in the Arts features:

  • The exhibitions Revival, featuring contemporary sculpture and photography, and Equilibrium: Fanny Sanín, showcasing the process behind the artist’s geometric abstract paintings
  • Highlights from two seasons of Women, Arts, and Social Change programming
  • The museum’s award-winning viral social media campaign #5WomenArtists
  • Philanthropist Madeleine Rast’s bequest
  • Archival photographs from the museum’s history

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Upon first glance, paintings by Fanny Sanín (b. 1938) look impeccably neat. Whether on paper or canvas, the decisive lines and solid colors of her geometric abstractions almost conceal evidence of the artist’s hand.
Abstract painting of varying sizes of rectangles divided into three vertical sections flanked by thin, light blue stripes. The central composition includes red cross-shapes with cream, grey and black rectangles; on either side are symmetrical black, brown, and gray horizontal stripes.
Fanny Sanín, Acrylic No. 2, 2011; Acrylic on canvas, 62 x 60 in.; Courtesy of the artist; Photo by Robert Lorenzson