Membership FAQ

Below are answers to some of our most common inquiries about Membership. We are pleased to now offer the option to auto-renew your membership. Learn more about the Membership Automatic Renewal option below.

We welcome any additional questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.You can reach us four easy ways:

  1. Call toll free: 866-875-4627, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. EST 
  2. Email:
  3. Go online: join, renew, give a gift membership, or donate
  4. Mail: Membership Department
    National Museum of Women in the Arts
    Post Office Box 120
    Merrifield, VA 22116-9640

Q. How long after my enrollment will it take for my membership to be activated?
A. A new membership requires two to three weeks for processing from the time we receive your contribution. You will receive a welcome packet with your member card. 

Q. What can I use my member card to do?
A. Your member card gives you access to all of the exclusive benefits of NMWA membership! Carry your card with you when you visit the museum to receive free admission as well as discounts in the Museum Shop and Mezzanine Café.

Q. I’ve lost my member card. How do I get a replacement?
A. Don’t miss out on your member benefits because of a lost card! Email with your name and address or call us toll free at 866-875-4627, and we will send you a replacement within two weeks. If you plan to visit the museum before your cards reach you, the Museum Shop will be able to verify that you are a current member—even without your card. 

Q. How do I update my name or address information?
A. Simply email, including both your old and new addresses, or call us toll free at 866-875-4627, and we will update your information. Please note that address changes require approximately two to three weeks to take effect. 

Q. How can I make sure that I am not missing member events or mailings?
A. Be the first to know about member activities and events with our email updates! NMWA’s monthly e-newsletter includes member activities and events. If you have signed up for the newsletter on our homepage, you may not yet be registered to receive exclusive e-mails for members. To sign up, email with your name, address, and membership number. 

Q. How do I renew my membership?
A. We will send you renewal reminders that you can return by mail with your check or credit card information. You can also call our office or renew online.

Q. I’ve received a reminder but I've already paid my dues—why?
A. In order to keep overhead costs to a minimum and ensure that the highest possible amount of your contribution goes toward museum programming, renewal reminders are mailed third-class. Occasionally, a payment may cross in processing with a mailed reminder. If this happens, please disregard the notice and know that your renewal will be handled correctly. If you would like renew early and prevent any confusion, please do so by renewing online.

Q. My membership level has recently changed without my knowledge–why?
A. Membership levels at $1,000 and above have recently been renamed to reflect the enhanced benefits for members of our new Circles program. For more information on the Circles levels, please see the brochure

  • President’s Club is now Donor Circle
  • Museum Council is now Sponsor Circle
  • Museum Patron is now Patron Circle
  • Director’s Circle is now Director’s Circle

Q. Can I give a membership as a gift?
A. Gift memberships are available at all levels. Gift recipients receive all the benefits of membership. To purchase a gift membership with a credit card, simply call our offices or purchase a gift membership online. If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your payment to Membership Department, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Post Office Box 120, Merrifield, VA 22116-9640. Be sure to include a note listing your name, address, and phone number as well as the gift recipient’s name, address, phone number, and email. Gift memberships take one to two weeks to process. If your gift is time-sensitive, please call Member Relations toll free at 866-875-4627, so we can accommodate your request.

Q. Is any portion of my membership tax-deductible?
A. Yes. NMWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and, depending on your membership level and whether you have chosen to receive the associated benefits, a large portion of your membership may be tax-deductible. To find out the exact tax-deductibility of your membership, please refer to the Membership Page under your corresponding membership level.

Q. Does my NMWA membership give me access to any other museums?
A. Members belonging at the Friend ($150) level and higher can take advantage of the North American Reciprocal Museum Program, which includes more than 1,000 museums across the U.S., Canada, and Bermuda. These members receive free or reduced admission at each of the participating museums, as well as member discounts on museum shop purchases and concert and lecture tickets. Check out a full listing of participating museums.

Q. I would like to move to a higher membership level, but it is not yet time for me to renew. Can I upgrade my membership?
A. Yes. To upgrade your membership and take advantage of increased member benefits, please call 866-875-4627.

Q. My employer matches gifts to charitable organizations like NMWA. How do I participate?
A. Make your contribution go further at no additional cost! Simply ask for your company’s matching gift form and include it any time you send a contribution to the museum.

Q. I’d prefer that NMWA not share my name with other organizations. How do I ensure this?
A. NMWA does occasionally exchange mailing lists with other carefully selected groups. If you do not wish to be included in these exchanges, please write to us at the address listed above or email, and we will make a note in your record. NMWA does not exchange phone numbers or email addresses.

Q. I am interested in giving a donation to NMWA. How do I do this?
A. To make a non-membership gift to the museum or to learn about additional giving opportunities, such as the Annual Fund, Endowment, or Honor/Memorial and Planned Giving, please contact the Development Department at 866-875-4627 or donate online.

Q. Can I donate to the museum through a Donor-Advised Fund?
A. Yes! You may donate to the museum through a donor-advised fund, however please note that your gift will not be eligible for benefits. Please consult your fund adviser or financial planner with any questions. To notify NMWA about the gift, please email or call 866-875-4627.

Q. I’d prefer to only receive a renewal reminder the month my membership expires. Is this possible?
A. Renewal notices are sent to members four months before their membership is due to expire. This system allows our members plenty of time to renew their membership and ensure that it does not lapse. Unfortunately, this system does not allow us to send a single notice, but if you would prefer to not receive any renewal notices, please contact Member Services.

Q. I haven’t received my Women in the Arts magazine recently–why?
A. NMWA’s award-winning Women in the Arts magazine is a tri-annual magazine. Members will receive a Summer, Fall, and combined Winter/Spring issue. If you have any other concerns please contact

Membership Automatic Renewal

Thank you for considering this sustainable option to renew your membership.

With auto-renewal, you save time, you save money, and your contributions stretch further. By selecting the convenient auto-renewal option when you join or renew, your annual auto-renewal payment will be processed one year from the date of the initial credit card charge. No more keeping track of expiration dates, calling to renew your membership before vacation to use your reciprocal benefits, or arriving at the museum with guests to realize that your membership is long-lapsed. This is an easy way to ensure that your support of NMWA is ongoing, while saving the museum administrative costs.

Auto-renewal is a great option because:

  • Eco-friendly: You will not receive the renewal letters in the mail.
  • Minimize cost to your museum: Your membership dues will go even further in supporting the exhibitions and programs you love by reducing mailing and printing costs.
  • Sustainable support: Show the museum that it can count on your support for developing exhibitions, taking care of objects, and facilitating programs.
  • Easy: Your membership will be ready when you need it.

Q. Do I save money with auto-renewed membership?
A. Yes! Membership gives you the opportunity to visit an unlimited amount of times without being cost-prohibitive, as well as providing invaluable, exclusive experiences.

Q. What information do you need to process my auto-renewal?
A. The transaction will look and feel like a regular online membership payment. Your credit card information is stored in a secure database and is protected with encryption software. Our site encrypts your credit card number prior to transmission over the internet using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. Please review NMWA's Privacy Policy

Q. When does my membership renew?
A. Your membership will renew on your renewal date.

Q. When will my credit card be charged?
A. Your credit card will be charged annually one year from the date of the last credit card charge. We will send you an email reminder before your credit card is charged each year.

Q. What amount will I be charged for future terms of membership?
A. The following do not auto-renew: discounts, promotions, and add-ons. Your auto-renewal charge will be for the regular price amount of your membership level. If membership dues increase, you will be notified of the change a month prior to the charge.

Q. What if membership dues increase?
A. Membership dues increase periodically to keep up with inflation and to better reflect the value of services provided. You will be sent an email informing you of any dues increase, at which time you can select a different membership level or cancel your upcoming auto-renewal transaction.

Q. How do I upgrade my auto-renewal membership?
A. As the museum grows in importance to you, consider graduating to a higher level of membership for opportunities to foster a deeper connection with the museum. You can upgrade your membership at any time by contacting the Membership Department toll-free at 1-866-875-4627.

Q. Is my membership refundable?
A. No, memberships are not refundable.

Q. Is my membership transferable to another household?
A. No, memberships are non-transferable.

Q. How do I cancel future auto-renewal transactions?
A. If you wish to cancel your auto-renewal payments, please contact the membership office at or toll-free at 1-866-875-4627 in advance of your month of expiration.

Q. When will I receive my membership card & receipt for auto-renewal transactions?
A. You will receive your membership card within one to two (1-2) weeks of the transaction. You will receive an emailed receipt on the day of the transaction.

Q. How do I give an additional donation during my future terms of membership?
A. You can make a donation at any time on the museum's website, by calling the Membership Department toll-free at 1-866-875-4627, or by mailing a check with the note "donation" to: Development Department, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Post Office Box 120, Merrifield, VA 22116-9640.

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