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Virtual Educator Summer Camp 2022: JusticexDesign

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Tue, Jul 12, 2022
10 to 11:30 am

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Free. Registration required.



A rectangular pink eraser against a white background. Printed on the eraser in black is a yelling gorilla face to the left of the words, "ERASE DISCRIMINATION" above the words "Guerrilla Girls."
Explore NMWA's collection through a social justice lens using JusticexDesign tools and practices.

Event Description

About the Session: JusticexDesign

The JusticexDesign (JxD) project is a research initiative that was founded in Washington, D.C., with participating educators across the city. The JxD project has expanded to include school cohorts from other cities, museum educators, and even a non-profit organization. JxD has developed a set of principles and practices that encourage learners to: 1) look closely at context, history, legacy, and representation when interacting with systems and content, 2) explore the complexity and multidimensionality of forces of power that shape and influence everyday systems, and 3) find opportunities to redesign their own participation in systems. During this session, JxD founder and director, Sheya, invites participants to try out JxD tools and practices with particular attention to how educators might use these tools to explore the complexity of power and representation in works of art.

About the Instructor

Sarah Sheya (she/her), who prefers to be called Sheya, is the founder and director of the JusticexDesign (JxD) project, a research initiative that began in 2019 in collaboration with DC educators. JxD’s pedagogical tools and practices support young people to develop a sensitivity to designed injustices, paying particular attention to how students engage critically with—and understand the relationships between—design, representation, and power. At Project Zero (PZ), Sheya manages the Out of Eden Learn project, an online learning community and research project that investigates how young people from around the world engage in intercultural inquiry and exchange. Before joining PZ in 2014, she worked in the non-profit sector as a youth program director, educator, and teaching artist. Sheya has a degree in Multimedia Journalism and Arab Studies and a Master of Arts in Teaching Arabic. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education Leadership and Policy at American University.

About the Virtual Educator Camp Series

NMWA’s Virtual Educator Summer Camp is designed for all educators, school teachers, adults supporting students learning remotely, home school instructors, and scout leaders. Inspired by the Art, Books, and Creativity (ABC) Institutes and NMWA’s collection, sessions are hands-on, participatory, and fun. Sessions will explore the museum‘s collection and resources, introduce historic and contemporary women artists, and engage participants in experimental making and close looking. Guest instructors include artists and educators from around the country.

Participants will receive a recommended supply list, applicable digital resources, and a Zoom meeting link in advance of each session. Camp activities are designed to use materials and tools attendees might have at home, to encourage repurposing and seeing everyday objects in a new light. Session participants can request professional development certificates of completion reflecting total earned participation hours.