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Event Date and Time

Fri, Nov 03, 2023
5:00 to 6:30 pm ET

Tickets and Reservations

Free. Registration required. Register for either in-person or online participation in the "About the Event" section.


Hybrid. Meet at the Information Desk for in-person or join online via Zoom

Square close-up of a light-skinned woman in profile looking to the left, seen from the shoulders up. She wears all white, including a bonnet and knit sleeves that become gloves covering her three middle fingers, and she holds her right hand up as if shielding her eyes from the sun.
Participate online or in person for our first-ever hybrid Art Chat.

Event Description

About the Event

To celebrate the museum’s reopening and the diversity of the online community that we have developed and fostered over the past three years, join us for a hybrid Art Chat @ 5.

We welcome local participants to join us in person for a conversation in the galleries and those at a distance to join via Zoom. Questions? Email

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Automated Captioning

This event will have automated speech-to-text transcription. The text will be displayed in the event video window, and attendees can turn captioning on or off throughout the program.

Accessibility Inquiries

If you are unable to register online or would like to request additional accessibility services, please email Two weeks’ notice to request accessibility services is appreciated but not required.  We will make every attempt to accommodate requests.