Cultural Capital: Environmental Film Festival Shorts

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Event Date and Time

Fri, Mar 19, 2021
10 am to 11 pm

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Free. Reservations required.



A large herd of goats walk across a dusty field at dawn, with two silhouetted people walking among them. The sun peeks through a silhouetted tree in the field.
Watch a conversation with four women filmmakers and screenings of their short films between March 19–28.

Event Description

Hear from women filmmakers and watch their short films between March 19–28.

Join us for a conversation with directors Abby Fuller, Anjali Nayar, Morgan Heim, and Liz Smith about their experiences creating the films and the vital role that women play in conservation, science, activism, and sustainability.

The short films and pre-recorded conversation will be available for viewing starting March 19 at 10 a.m. (ET) and ending on March 28 at 11 p.m. (ET), so NMWA audiences can watch any time during that period.

About the Films:

  • Shepherd’s Song (18 minutes), directed by Abby Fuller, explores Jenya’s journey as she embarks on a new path restoring ecosystems with the help of her flock of sheep. Through her journey, the film invites us to think about our ability to participate meaningfully and intentionally with the natural world.
  • Anjali Nayar’s Oil and Water (14 minutes) follows Selina Asekon Chumchum as she mobilizes women in her area to ensure that together their voice is heard. Despite resistance from the men in their community, they continue to oppose the Tullow Oil corporation’s drilling that threatens to snatch away their sovereignty and way of life.
  • Cormie: The Pickpocket Cormorant (10 minutes), is a part mockumentary, part true-life tale that reveals the heart of a place working hard to save wildlife in the small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon. As her trainers, Melisa and Joshua endeavor to teach her the art of the steal, Cormie, a double-crested cormorant, illustrates the emotional bonds and intelligence that can be found between humans and cormorants. Directed by Morgan Heim.
  • In Changing Seas: A Decade After Deepwater (27 minutes), director Liz Smith follows explorers and scientists as they shed light on how human activities are threatening ocean resources and uncover new information that could lead to scientific breakthroughs. This is an episode from the South Florida PBS series Changing Seas.

This Cultural Capital program is presented by the museum’s Women, Arts, and Social Change initiative in partnership with the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital and Women in Film and Video.