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Fresh Talk

Fresh Talk: Righting The Balance—Photographic Power

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Wed, Mar 23, 2022
2:30 to 4 pm

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Free. Reserve online.



Two light skinned women and one dark skinned woman sit in an auditorium watching a performance.
Join us for a conversation about the contributions of women in the field of photography.

Event Description

Righting The Balance—Photographic Power

For nearly two centuries, women have been leaders, inventors and innovators within the field of photography. Inspired by NMWA’s recent acquisition of vintage photographs by U.K.-based artists, this Fresh Talk presents a new view of photography through the lens of some of the U.K.’s most exciting photo scholars and curators. Each guest works passionately to recover and underscore the creative power of women and nonbinary artists working in this vital medium.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Del Barrett, chair and founder of Hundred Heroines; photographic artist and curator Bindi Vora; Shoair Mavlian, Director of Photoworks; and Renée Mussai, senior curator and head of archive and research at Autograph, about how they are working toward gender parity in the art world.

This program is available for free to the public, but if you would like to support the museum, please make a $10 donation. If you cannot make the 2:30 p.m. (EST)/6:30 p.m. (GMT) program time, please register for our 5:30 p.m. (EST)/9:30 p.m.(GMT) Zoom event to watch the recording. The recording of the program will then be posted to the museum’s YouTube page a week after the program’s conclusion. This program has been made possible by the generosity of the UK Friends of NMWA.

Women, Arts, and Social Change is a public programs initiative that highlights the power of women and the arts as catalysts for change. Fresh Talk, the initiative’s signature program, features cause-driven conversations with leading artists, designers, activists, social innovators, and others.