International Women’s Day 2023: Virtual Festival

Event Details

Event Date and Time

Wed, Mar 08, 2023
11 am to 7 pm

Tickets and Reservations

Free. Register for individual programs at the registration link.



A landscape photograph featuring a field of tall green grass surrounded by leafy trees and a grey sky. A large group of people of varying ages traverse the field on foot. In the background the people form two lines, and a smaller group is congregated in the foreground.
Join NMWA for a virtual festival in celebration of International Women's Day.

Event Description

Celebrate International Women’s Day with NMWA!

Join us for a virtual festival featuring women artists in the visual arts and beyond. Enjoy a conversation with artists, a cocktail-making class, a musical performance, and much more. We’ll highlight the amazing contributions that women have made to the world with their creativity.

Live and pre-recorded programming available. Register for each program separately.

For the full schedule of events visit our International Women’s Day page.

This event will have Communication Access Real-time Transcription (CART), in which a professional transcribes the speech and non-speech audio information to text. The text will be displayed in the event video window, and attendees can turn captioning on or off throughout the program. If you are unable to register online or would like to request additional accessibility services, please email accessibility@nmwa.org  or call 202-783-7980. Two weeks’ notice to request accessibility services is appreciated but not required. We will make every attempt to accommodate requests.