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Tue, May 10, 2022
12 to 12:45 pm

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Free. Registration required.



A woman’s head and shoulders are partially obscured by leaves, flora, and abstract graphics. She has medium-light skin tone and black hair worn in a high bun, and she looks up and to the side in a regal pose.
Join as hosts from the museum interview special guests, consider topics relevant to our world, and offer insight into collaborations.

Event Description


This monthly talk show, a spin-off of the 2021 GLAMi award-winning series BMA x NMWA, connects viewers to NMWA and its mission to champion women artists. Join us as hosts from the museum interview special guests, including artists, educators and curators; consider topics relevant to our world; and offer insight into collaborations that the museum is fostering while its building is closed for renovation.

On this episode, Virginia Treanor, NMWA associate curator, Adrienne L. Gayoso, senior educator, and Hannah Shambroom, exhibitions coordinator, discuss NMWA’s first installment of the Lookout project, a series of commanding public art installations on the exterior of the museum during its renovation. They will be joined by Washington, D.C.-based artist MISS CHELOVE, a.k.a. Cita Sadeli, whose four-story mural printed on mesh fabric, Reseeded: A Forest Floor Flow, is presented on the east façade of the museum’s exterior through July 31. MISS CHELOVE’s image of a woman immersed in botanicals native to the islands of Indonesia alludes to the resurgence of the natural world during the pandemic and the critical role of women in ecological activism.

MISS CHELOVE is an independent art director, muralist, designer and illustrator. Her vibrant murals can be found throughout the D.C. metro area. Combining local and biographical storytelling with the tools and methods of graffiti and street art, MISS CHELOVE explores themes including women’s empowerment, nature, Indigenous cultures and music.