Virtual Workshop: MISS CHELOVE

A woman’s head and shoulders are partially obscured by leaves, flora, and abstract graphics. She has medium-light skin tone and black hair worn in a high bun, and she looks up and to the side in a regal pose.
Sold Out. Wait List Available. Join NMWA to experience MISS CHELOVE’s new mural during this hands-on, virtual workshop.

Event Details

Event Date and Time

Saturday, May 14, 2022
1 to 3 pm

Tickets and Reservations

This program is sold out. Email to be added to the wait list.

Event Location


Event Description

Explore NMWA’s Lookout project through making.

Participants in this virtual workshop will create an original artwork inspired by MISS CHELOVE’s mural Reseeded: A Forest Floor Flow, installed on NMWA’s building. Cita Sadeli, also known as MISS CHELOVE, will guide makers through a hands-on activity based on her art and creative practice.

Registration is limited to 30 participants. This project was designed for makers ages 13 and up.

This program is sold out. Email to be added to the wait list.

Prior to the program, registrants will receive a Zoom meeting link and an extended project description, including a list of the easy-to-find art supplies needed to complete the project.


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