Dai Food, from the series “We are Tiger Dragon People” 2008–13

Large-scale pop-up book shows a young woman with street-food from a region in China.

Colette Fu, Dai Food (from We are Tiger Dragon People), 2008-2013; Purchased with the annual contributions of NMWA Book Arts Fellows; © Colette Fu

Colette Fu’s pop-up Dai Food references the Dai people, one of the ethnic minorities in the Yunnan Province of China. The artist spent three years in the province, photographing the region and its people. Upon returning to Philadelphia in 2009, Fu began to create large-scale pop-up books featuring her Yunnan photography.

In this work, Fu introduces viewers to the cooking of the Dai people, with sour, spicy, salty, and sweet flavors. Fu took a picture of a young Dai woman wearing a long skirt and bodice. Her hair is decorated with flowers, and she is shown with street-food specialties of the region: grilled chicken, fish, and various kebabs, pig tail, fermented eggs, beef with red pepper, snails, pork liver, spicy noodle salad, and more.

National Museum of Women in the Arts