Take Action

Neon yellow light installation made of tubes that spell out the title of the artwork
Yael Bartana, What if Women Ruled the World, 2016; Museum purchase, Belinda de Gaudemar Acquisition Fund, with additional support from the Members’ Acquisition Fund. ©Yael Bartana, photo by Lee Stalsworth.

Take action for women in the arts. 

Women artists are underrepresented and undervalued in museums, galleries, auction houses, and art fairs. What can you do to help? Most people can’t start their own gallery or museum—like NMWA founder Wilhelmina Cole Holladay—but there are small things anyone can do to learn, take action, and help advocate for women artists.

Educate yourself about the issue.

Challenge yourself.

  • Can you name five women artists off the top of your head? Even art buffs might find it difficult. Challenge yourself to name five—or learn five if you can’t. Quiz your friends and family!
  • Join our annual Women’s History Month campaign, #5WomenArtists, to spread the word.
  • Share the challenge on social media all year round using #5WomenArtists on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Praise exhibitions that strive for gender equity.

  • Speak up and praise an exhibition that is thoughtful about gender parity.
  • Encourage your friends and co-workers to visit the show.
  • Inform a museum guard or staff member about how much you like an exhibition or program. 
  • Promote the exhibition on your social media channels. Name the women artists in the exhibition and tag your post with #5WomenArtists!

When exhibitions are unequal, let your voice be heard.

  • Say something when you see an exhibition that excludes women artists.
  • Contact the gallery or museum and let them know that showing more work by women artists is important.
  • Write a message in a gallery or museum visitor book, using the opportunity to request that the institution show more work by women.

Support women artists and the institutions that exhibit their work.

  • Find out which museums, galleries, and non-profit art spaces in your region make an effort to exhibit women artists. Visit them often and become a member.
  • Support non-profit arts organizations that work toward achieving gender equality.
  • Follow women artists on social media.
  • Buy works of art made by women.
  • Share our artist resources with women artists you know.

Support our work.

  • Become a member: Members help advance our mission and enjoy free admission and other perks.
  • Donate: Your support helps us champion women in the arts by presenting exhibitions, educational programs, and publications featuring the work of women artists. 
  • Volunteer: Our dedicated corps of well-trained volunteers is one of the museum’s most valuable resources.
  • Intern: Help us advance our mission and gain experience in the museum world through an internship.
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