In Focus: Guerrilla Girls

Three women dressed in all black with gorilla masks over their heads are leaning against a brick wall with a window. The window is covered in posters with big black letters that read
Donning their signature gorilla masks, the Guerrilla Girls combine witty wordplay, stark statistics, and advertising-style graphics to call out discrimination in the art world.

Artists at Work Video Series: Guerrilla Girls

Artwork on View

Four figures stand side by side and wear gorilla masks that cover their entire heads. The background shows a sunlit building with arched windows, sky, and in the lower right corner a small glimpse of water and the tip of a gondola. Each guerilla holds a pink sign with black text.
Guerrilla Girls, Benvenuti alla biennale femminista! (from the series “Guerrilla Girls Talk Back: Portfolio 2”), 2005; Lithographic poster, 17 x 11 in.; National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of Steven Scott, Baltimore, in honor of Wilhelmina Cole Holladay; © Guerrilla Girls, Courtesy