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Image for Art Fix Friday: August 28, 2015

Art Fix Friday: August 28, 2015

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Women in music caused a buzz this week. Music critic Jessica Hopper used Twitter to “put the spotlight on pervasive sexism staining the [music] industry.”

The Guardian covers the response to Jessica Hopper’s Twitter prompt.

The Guardian shares women musicians’ experiences of not being as respected as their male counterparts.
The Huffington Post discusses the gender gap with pop artist Anna Hass. The songwriter says, “It must first be acknowledged before it can be changed. Men and women of talent deserve equal representation and opportunities to make a living in the music industry.”
Exam boards have ignored female composers as worthy of study. Although there have been famous and successful female classical composers, many have been “written out of history; left out of the canon.”
The New York-based platform Discwoman showcases female-identified DJ talent in the electronic music community.
Front Page Femmes
Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi’s controversial sculpture has led to her arrest—twice.
The Guardian discusses women war photographers who have since faded into obscurity.

ARTnews examines Ebony G. Patterson’s tapestries.

New tapestries by Ebony G. Patterson incorporate colorful clumps of flowers and gems but reveal disturbing crime scene moments upon closer examination.
Akshaya Borkar, the founder of The Art and Craft Gallery, is attempting to revolutionize the art industry online.
The Joan Mitchell Center, an artist retreat funded by Mitchell’s foundation, opened this weekend in New Orleans.
The Huffington Post interviews curator and writer Maura Reilly. Reilly discusses the recent ARTnews Special Issue on Women in the Art World.
The Women’s Project Theater begins its season at the McGinn/Cazale Theater on Broadway. The company is dedicated to promoting women artists.
Twelve writers have been selected to participate in a new program funded by Meryl Streep. The Writers Lab is devoted to script development for women writers over the age of 40.
Ballet dancer Misty Copeland makes her Broadway debut in the musical On the Town.
Shows We Want to See

Hyperallergic explores  Josefa de Óbidos’s works at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Hyperallergic explores Josefa de Óbidos’s works at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Hyperallergic reviews a new exhibition of works by Baroque painter Josefa de Óbidos (1630–1684). “She is considered to be one of the most accomplished painters of 17th-century Portugal and is especially significant because of the recognition she gained in an art period dominated by men.”
Egyptian-Lebanese artist Lara Baladi’s 29-foot-long tapestry Oum el Dounia is on view at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.
Portuguese artist Leonor Antunes cites textile artist Anni Albers and filmmaker Maya Deren as inspirations for her installation in the New Museum’s Lobby Gallery.

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