Donate to the LRC

Donate to the LRC
Artist file materials. The LRC welcomes donations of research material on women artists of all periods and nationalities

The Library and Research Center welcomes donations of material that will strengthen our collection documenting women in the arts world-wide.

The Library and Research Center builds its collection in part by donations of material to the library and archives. Items meant for the library collection must fit within the Collection Development Policy of the LRC; items meant for the archives must fit withint the the Collections Development Policy of the Archives of Women Artists, available on request. Gifts may be accepted in whole, part, or be declined based on availability of space and other considerations. The LRC does not keep multiple copies. Library materials not added to the library may be offered up to other libraries for exchange, sold to benefit the library, or recycled and disposed of; the LRC is unable to return library gifts or advise as to their ultimate disposition. Arrangements of archival donations will be guided by the Collections Development Policy of the Archives of Women Artists and will be clearly stated in the Deed of Gift.

We are very interested in primary source material from notable women artists and women artist organizations. We also welcome financial support for the library’s collections and activities. Gifts to the LRC are considered donations to be used in the best interest of the LRC. Donations become the sole and irrevocable property of NMWA Library and Research Center. NMWA cannot appraise materials.

The LRC acknowledges all gifts except for updates to artist files, unless the donor requests no acknowledgement.

Donating Material to the Artist Files

For artists already in our artist files:
We accept updated resumes/CVs and artist statements, ephemera (exhibition material, such as postcards, brochures and catalogues), and up to: 20 photographs, 40 slides, and 4 CDs/DVDs per artist. Each reproduction must contain a title, date, and artist information. We do not accept duplicates, self-published publications, original artwork, photo negatives, or personal photographs except publication-worthy images of the artist or artwork. It is recommended that article clippings are placed on a CD and to include the bibliographic information on your resume/CV. Most clippings are weeded because of their highly acidic nature. The space limit for artists in our archives who have not exhibited at NMWA is half an inch (not including exhibition catalogues). We will weed any material considered unsuitable for the artist files or that which exceeds space limits. Generally, we do not provide acknowledgements of receipt for updates unless specifically requested. All material is considered the property of the Library and Research Center.

For artists not in our artist files:
We create new files only for women artists who have exhibited at NMWA or are in NMWA’s permanent collection. If this is the case and we do not have a file on you, please contact the LRC.

Donations and Transfer of Ownership

If all parties agree that the National Museum of Women in the Arts is the appropriate repository for a donation, the Director of the Library and Research Center will work with the donor to arrange the physical transfer of the material. An instrument of donation outlining the terms and conditions of the donation will be sent to the donor for approval and signature, along with a letter acknowledging the gift.

No individual or institution can predict or govern the changing attitudes of future generations, nor guarantee permanency beyond the best available preservation procedures. The LRC reserves the right to re-evaluate and reappraise material in its holdings and deaccession them when appropriate. Deacessioned collections and items weeded from collections during processing, due to duplication, irrelevance, limited use, or deterioration, will be offered to the original donor or an agent of the donor if so requested at the time of the donation. If the donor wishes not to reclaim the material or cannot be located, the LRC reserves the right to offer the material to other depositories or discard the items.

The Library and Research Center cannot appraise donations for tax purposes. For the protection of the donor, it is recommended that such appraisals be done by a disinterested third party and before title to the material is conveyed to the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Unless otherwise restricted by copyright or by the donor and agreed to by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, all rights are conveyed to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. All donor access and use restrictions and conditions will be specified in the donation agreement. The National Museum of Women in the Arts will assume no responsibility for abuse of copyright restrictions by users of research materials.

Please contact us for more information.

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