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Global #5WomenArtists campaign celebrates women using art to make change

Apr 09 2020

WASHINGTON—More than 675 national and international cultural institutions from six continents and 36 countries participated in the fifth year of the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ (NMWA) award-winning #5WomenArtists social media campaign. NMWA’s year-round goal is to address gender imbalance in the art world, but every March—Women’s History Month—the museum has the opportunity to capture the attention of a wider audience to help celebrate women artists. The campaign challenges cultural organizations and individual social media users to answer the question “Can you name five women artists?” It aims to help increase awareness of gender inequality in the art world.

Using the hashtag #5WomenArtists, NMWA launched the campaign March 1 on its website and blog as well as on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The museum invited cultural organizations and individuals to share information about women artists on social media throughout the month. This year, there was a special focus on activism, highlighting women artists using their practices to tackle socially relevant issues, such as gender equity, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ rights, racial justice and climate change

“People all over the world are dealing with uncertainty on so many levels, but art is still providing a much-needed outlet for engagement, education, enjoyment and action,” said NMWA Director Susan Fisher Sterling.  “I am glad that this campaign has once again offered so many the ability to connect with the work of women artists around the globe.”

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